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OSHA And The Medical Industry: A Compliance Update
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: KFZ

Even though you do your best to comply with OSHA directives, you probably wonder if you've misinterpreted or missed a minor statute that inspectors will cite you for. At this seminar, you'll learn exactly what it takes to cover your bases and avoid fines.
You'll discover proven ways to sidestep the legal traps many medical facilities fall prey to. You'll gain step-by-step techniques for handling OSHA agents, inspections and legal proceedings. Plus, you'll get to examine case studies and find out where healthcare facilities go wrong.
This comprehensive training covers the broad range of OSHA reporting, recordkeeping and procedural requirements that you must follow. You'll learn how to develop written Hazard Communication programs . . . Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control plans . . . Emergency Action procedures . . . and much more.
You'll also master the ins and outs of meeting OSHA training standards - which according to the JCAHO is one of the most common sources of non-compliance fines. This seminar will help you implement, assess and report OSHA training that follows federal requirements to the letter.
After this seminar, you'll have the skills you need to ensure your facility is in compliance. And you'll be able to better protect your staff and patients from harmful accidents.

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For anyone dealing with OSHA in the Medical Industry who wants to expertly maintain OSHa recordkeeping, training and procedural codes unique to the medical industry, and gain cost effective, proven and achievable methods you can use to carry out OSHA directives to the letter.

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