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The Complete Guide To Wage & Hour Law
A One-Day Seminar
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Have You Heard About the Latest Changes to Wage and Hour Law? If you haven’t, your company could be one step away from some steep fines and penalties.

Right now, Wage and Hour investigators are out in full force. And they are coming down hard on companies that aren’t in full compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Recently, a well-known company was found liable for $7.1 million because they failed to compensate employees for the 14 minutes of cleanup work they did before and after their shifts each day. Reports like these are definitely on the rise.

Add in the fact that the Department of Labor (DOL) hired 200 additional inspectors just a few short months ago, and it’s easy to see why FLSA compliance has become a top concern of employers today. With their existing staff, that makes nearly 1000 Wage and Hour investigators out examining payroll records and questioning employees every day.

As a result, many businesses are being hit with lawsuits and it’s costing them plenty in multi-year back pay, interest and penalties.

Come to this comprehensive course and make sure your company is in complete compliance with the FLSA before a Wage and Hour investigator shows up at your office.

Attend, and you’ll learn how to ensure every employee is classified correctly . . . confidently handle tricky payroll situations . . . and avoid the unintentional errors that often lead to expensive litigation.

  How You Will Benefit ...

Make sure your company isn’t breaking state or federal laws.

Without a doubt the FLSA is one of the most complex laws on the books today. Unfortunately for you, it’s constantly redefined. Between the DOL, Congress and our courts, they’ve been changing the requirements so often that it’s next to impossible to keep up.

So, on top of figuring out how Wage and Hour Law applies to your company, you have to make sure your compliance measures are completely up-to-date. Come to this unique seminar and gain the skills you need to ensure your company isn’t breaking current laws.

During the program, you’ll hear practical compliance strategies and gain a clear understanding of how the DOL expects you to classify, compensate and keep records for your employees. Plus, you’ll get the latest information on what’s happening with Wage and Hour Law at both state and federal levels.

After this seminar, you’ll know exactly how recent court rulings have impacted FLSA compliance. And, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your knowledge of Wage and Hour Law is up-to-date.

FLSA Training That’s Guaranteed

This unique training opportunity could very well help you save your company from an expensive mistake. And, there’s absolutely no risk to you. We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with this seminar or we’ll refund your entire registration fee.

  What You Will Cover ...

Handling Employees Who Are Exempt From the FLSA

Applying the FLSA to Employees With Government Duties and Industry Exceptions
  • Know whether you employ the classifications of state and local government employees who are exempt from Wage and Hour Laws
  • How to make sure your policies for comp time are in compliance if your employees perform public safety, emergency response or seasonal activities
  • Do your managers grant compensatory time based on the FLSA’s “reasonable period” and “unduly disruptive” standards?
  • Find out what the FLSA has to say about private individuals who volunteer services to public agencies
  • Make sure “tour of duty” employees’ work periods are properly classified into compensable and non- compensable hours to keep your company from paying too much
  • Do you have other classes of employees that the FLSA specially exempts? Find out here
  • You Be The Judge. Participate in an exercise using your knowledge to make legally sound decisions — get skills you’ll use every day on the job
Employees Who Are Nonexempt From the FLSA
  • Make sure your payments to nonexempt employees are handled properly — especially those non-cash payments that carry special restrictions
  • Companies that work out a comp time program for nonexempt employees must meet certain requirements to keep it legal. Do you know if your company is in compliance?
  • Make sure you know which payments are excluded from an employee’s regular rate of pay before you calculate an overtime rate
  • How to ensure compliance when dealing with employees who work two or more jobs and get a different rate for each one
  • How do you figure time worked for an employee who works at home?
  • Identifying and avoiding pay plans that circumvent the FLSA, such as devices to evade overtime requirements or “pseudo-bonuses”
  • How does your company determine the hours worked? Do you know if you should consider the effects of custom, contract or agreement to stay in compliance with the Act?
  • Compliance alert: How to ensure you’re following all the rules when it comes to employees who do company business outside of normal work hours — like running by the bank on the way home from work
  • How the Belo overtime agreement may be able to save your company money
  • Certain companies can use a fluctuating workweek overtime agreement. Is yours one of them?
  • How to set up and maintain accurate work/time records
FLSA Issues, Updates, Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Do you keep the same records for exempt and nonexempt employees? How to ensure they meet the FLSA’s stringent requirements
  • Do you know your company’s rights vs. your covered employees’ rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act?
  • Garnishment review: Ensuring your company is in complete compliance no matter what kind of garnishment has been ordered
  • Before you withhold money from an employee’s paycheck, do you know exactly when and for what reasons you can take the money?
  • Special rules for recordkeeping that apply to certain segments of the workforce — you may need to know these to stay out of regulatory hot water
  • Find out how to read a court order and comply with the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
  • If a manager in your company fires an employee, it’s up to you to keep from breaking the law! When you must get the paycheck to that individual in the time specified by federal or state law
  • How do you handle a paycheck that’s not cashed — is the money your company’s to keep?
  • Your state may demand your company pay with a certain frequency. Are you in compliance?

Who should attend ...
An essential compliance course for professionals who must have a solid understanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) so they can better determine their company’s legal and payroll responsibilities and avoid wage and hour violations that result in steep penalties and costly litigation.

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