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Coping With Payroll Hot Spots
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: KQT

The way you process payroll today is much different than the way you did it last year. It’s probably different than the way you did it last month. The rules and regulations are changing that quickly.

This year you have a whole host of new regulations to deal with. From EFTPS to the Taxpayer Relief Act . . . new-hire reporting laws to non-taxable employee compensation . . . child-support garnishments to the accuracy of employees’ Social Security numbers . . . the rules are changing and you have to know how they affect your next payroll.

Because the government is watching. The IRS, INS and SSA are particularly vigilant today, checking to make sure your payroll meets the new rules as well as existing regulations. That’s why you must have the knowledge and skills to process your company’s payroll accurately . . . every time.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Nine times out of ten, you deal with cut-and-dried payroll concepts, and perform your tasks perfectly. But what about that tenth time? You know, the quirky exceptions, like payroll loopholes, subtleties in regulations or personnel paycheck problems.

For instance, do you know the specifics of your state’s new-hire reporting law? Or whether or not you need to meet the requirements for electronic filing now that the grace period has expired? Are you sure you’re applying the FLSA properly to your exempt and nonexempt employees? Or why the Social Security Administration is checking and rechecking Social Security numbers, and what that means you need to do?

Attend this one-day seminar. Not only will you get the opportunity to double-check your current payroll procedures, you’ll get proven strategies on how to handle payroll hot spots . . . sail through audit traps . . . keep your cool when it seems you can’t possibly stay on top of every single detail . . . deal with the most problematic paycheck withholdings . . . and more.

After this session, you’ll be more confident in your ability to deal with unexpected problems, handle unusual dilemmas and meet the requirements of every new rule and regulation.

Advice From Payroll Experts
You can count on the knowledge you’ll gain at this valuable course. The seminar was developed by payroll experts who have spent thousands of hours studying payroll pitfalls and debugging challenging trouble spots. The trainer will translate this knowledge base into solid skills and proven processes that you will put to use right away. You’ll return to work with the most up-to-date insight on how to deal with situations involving new rulings and long-standing regulations.

And, that’s not all. You’ll return to your company with a complimentary copy of The Payroll Hot Spots Guidebook — a workbook containing all of the facts you will need to handle payroll’s not-so-common situations. Your trainer will walk you through the information step-by-step, allowing you to take personal notes that will make this an essential guidebook you’ll refer to again and again.

Accuracy Guaranteed
Make sure your payroll is 100- percent accurate. It will be, when you rely on the information and skills you gain from this seminar. Even if you only use one strategy that saves you from a fine or a time-consuming payroll mistake, the seminar will more than pay for itself.

And your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not completely satisfied with the skills you gain, we’ll refund your entire seminar tuition. Don’t miss this opportunity to master skills that will help you do your job accurately.

What You’ll Learn / Workshop Agenda

Answering Standard Payroll Questions

Dealing With Unusual Payroll Situations
  • Finally! An easy-to-follow map to get you through the mess caused by FMLA and COBRA overlap
  • Key steps to handling year-end W-2 processing
  • What are the alternatives to the withholding tax tables for unusual payroll withholding situations?
  • Step-by-step instructions to follow when taxes are over- or under-collected
  • The newest regulations for handling deceased employees’ final payments, benefits and withholdings
  • When you can give an employee time off rather than paying overtime
  • How to handle the biggest garnishment headaches — and who gets first shot at how much
  • CASE STUDY: How to compute overtime pay so you avoid DOL problems
  • Make sure you know when you can — and when you can’t — withhold pay from exempt employees
Turning New Updates Into Positive Payroll Practices
  • What you must know before treating employee tuition reimbursements as non-taxable
  • How do you handle the new SIMPLE plans and Medical Savings Accounts on the W-2 form?
  • Avoiding the new tricks and traps in the Taxpayer Relief Act
  • How to audit-proof your payroll process
  • When can you use FedEx or UPS as foolproof evidence that a tax return has been filed on time?
  • Could you be using employees’ Social Security numbers improperly?
  • How to earn IRS “you’re forgiven” points
  • How to meet the myriad requirements of EFTPS
  • Clear up the confusion about new-hire reporting requirements now that it’s your state’s law
  • Are you complying with electronic filing requirements now that the grace period has expired?

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