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Supervising Off-Site Employees Who Are Out-Of-Sight ... But Not Out-Of-Mind
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: KXE

This seminar is offered onsite only. The descriptions and outlines specified below are examples of the topics covered in this seminar. Actual seminar content will depend on your organization's needs. Of course, we customize the seminar's content to meet the specific needs of your organization.

For managers who want to improve communication with and increase the performance of employees they don't see day-to-day. It takes special skills to manage employees you have little or no contact with. No matter how much you put into it, it's a difficult process to really understand what's happening at a location miles and miles away.
Attend this intensive one-day seminar to learn how to get more from off-site employees than you ever thought possible. You'll find out how to get out-of-sight employees to follow your instructions to the letter, get staff to pull together and work as a team and keep the lines of communication flowing smoothly.

How You Will Benefit ...

  • Gain new acceptance and respect from off-site staff
  • Recruit employees who can handle the challenge of having a boss they hardly see

What You Will Cover ...

  • Learn motivation techniques that work from a distance
  • Recognize problems before they get out of hand
  • Gaining acceptance and respect from staff members you don't see very often
  • At home? On the road? Satellite office? How to sidestep the top 3 demotivators for employees working in these situations
  • How to hire and develop employees who don't need a boss looking over their shoulders
  • Assessing employees' needs when you don't see them day-to-day
  • Mistakes many far-off managers make that can instantly destroy trust and undermine authority
  • Technology tools you can use to make sure you have effective 2-way communication
  • Proven-effective ways to quickly build rapport with employees you don't see
  • How to develop a long-distance communication network to make sure vital information doesn't slip through the cracks
  • How to get critical information from off-site personnel --concisely and regularly
  • Help your employees take charge of their jobs, so you don't have to constantly keep tabs on them
  • What to do when satellite employees get headed in the wrong direction … how to get them back on track quickly
  • Do you know when you're not hearing the whole story? Discover what's really going on
  • FINALLY! Expert insight into how announced --and surprise --visits affect employee performance
  • How to battle the traditional long-distance challenge of high turnover
  • UPDATE: Safely navigate the sticky legal issues involved with disciplining and firing off-siteemployees
  • How to prevent any hard feelings when you have to announce --or enforce -- unpopular decisions

Who Should Attend ...

For managers who want to improve communication with and increase the performance of employees they don't see day-to-day.

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