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This seminar is offered onsite only. The descriptions and outlines specified below are examples of the topics covered in this seminar. Actual seminar content will depend on your organization's needs. Of course, we customize the seminar's content to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The Take-Charge Assistant
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: PAS

No one has to tell you that the role of assistant has taken on a whole new level of respect and responsibility in today's fast-paced business world.

There's no arguing that assistants and other office professionals have always been the backbone to every successful organization. They're oftentimes the glue that holds departments and companies together. But, as costs creep up and the pressure to improve the bottom line increases, the manager/assistant team is counted on to produce more usually with far fewer resources.

As a result, your boss is probably very pleased that you want to tackle an expanded, take-charge role in your organization.

Of course when you have one foot in both business worlds the role of management and support you need the savvy of both areas. To do your job to the best you can takes special abilities that not every assistant has. That is ... until now!

Attend this powerful skill-building seminar guaranteed to improve your communication, team-building, problem-solving and project management skills. In just one day, you'll learn the kind of productive skills that often takes weeks or months to learn on your own in the "real-world."

When you return to work the next day, you'll be ready to effectively and efficiently handle people, projects and paperwork better than you could have ever imagined.

How You Will Benefit ...

What You Will Cover ...

Build A Powerful Partnership With Your Boss

Organize Yourself, Your Boss And Your Department
  • How to customize a daily planning strategy that will stretch extra minutes out of every hour
  • Identify and subtly eliminate your boss's biggest time-wasters
  • How to delegate like a pro without coming off pushy
  • How to say "No" with conviction and authority and keep your sanity
  • Staying on top of the paper blizzard by using proven effective records-management strategies
  • Avoid bad procrastination habits that crush your productivity
Juggling Multiple Projects Without Skipping A Beat
  • The secrets to bringing projects in on time and on budget
  • Learn the "roadmap of success" that works for any project of any size
  • Communication skills you must sharpen to get your projects finished
  • Troubleshooting project problems with ease
  • How to put together a project team that you can work with
  • How to sidestep the #1 pitfall of project management
Making Decisions And Solving Problems On The Fly
  • Learn the basic problem-solving models that will help you in any circumstance
  • How to effectively make important decisions when you're boss isn't around
  • How to generate creative solutions to problems that are keeping your department stuck in neutral
  • Communication skills that will get you all the necessary information to make informed decisions
  • How to know when to stick your neck out without getting it chopped off
  • Coaching and counseling skills you can use to help co-workers reach their full potential
Buffing Your Professional Image To Make It Sparkle
  • How to earn your boss's confidence and take on the key roles you have earned
  • Proven speaking and presentation skills that project confidence even when your knees are knocking
  • Simple proofreading and editing shortcuts that make your correspondence shine
  • A professional writer's tips for crafting the perfect business letter
  • The dos and don'ts of writing reports and other high-visibility documents
  • How to project the image that you're always in control without coming off as a tyrant
  • Office politics: How to rise above the muck and come out a winner
  • How to let your boss know you're ready for more responsibility
  • Shutting out stress and keeping burnout from claiming you as another victim

Who Should Attend ...
An exciting new seminar for assistants and admins who want to take their considerable leadership, team-building, problem-solving and project management skills to a higher level than they are now. Become a greater asset to your boss and gain the recognition you deserve for all you do with the proven effective strategies you'll learn in this powerful one-day seminar.

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