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The Better Business Writing Workshop
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: PQW

Writing clearly and concisely is one of the greatest assets you can have in business today. That is why we developed this seminar to help you fine-tune your writing ability. It's designed to benefit both the experienced writer, who wants to gain an additional edge in business - and the inexperienced writer who lacks confidence in his or her ability to write effectively.
Bad writers come in all forms. The "Showoff" rambles on and on, trying to impress you with his knowledge and vocabulary. He turns what should be a two-paragraph memo into a two-page dissertation. Unfortunately, his point, if he had one, is buried.
Or, there's the "Wallflower" who lacks self-confidence in her writing. In order to avoid mistakes, she writes in a bare-bones style with a minimum number of words. Unfortunately, her point usually suffers from a lack of supporting information.
Either way, their memos, letters and reports get skimmed by the reader and filed - usually in the trash or the bottom of the desk drawer - never to be seen again.
Writers with confidence in their writing skills get their message out quickly, in a no-nonsense manner, that's not only easier to read - but it's easier to write. They get noticed. They get results. With the skills you'll learn at this seminar, you'll produce dramatically better business correspondence the moment you get back to work.

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For anyone wishing to improve their writing skills.

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