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The Essentials of Accounts Payable

An intensive two-day workshop designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of accounts payable professionals.

Program Description   Who Should Attend

Workshop Agenda  
What You’ll Learn  

Program Description

Program Description

  • As an accounts payable professional, your hours are long, your workload is overwhelming, and somebody somewhere always “needs it yesterday.” Deadlines are always looming, the pressure is constant, and if there hasn’t been at least one headache-inducing crisis before lunch, it’s truly your lucky day!
  • The AP challenges you face day in and day out are enormous, and even a single mistake can cost your company big-time! If you’ve ever groaned in frustration, “There’s GOT to be a better way,” help is at hand! The Essentials of Accounts Payable is a powerful, new 2-day workshop that features skill-building instruction on the latest proven AP techniques, tools and time- and money-saving tips.
  • What separates this intensive program from others is that it’s two skill-packed, highly interactive days of training, packed with practice sessions, exercises and real-world scenarios that guarantee you’ll master –– and retain — the crucial skills you’re learning. And rest assured, we discuss ONLY those shortcuts and methods of streamlining AP processes that are proven to save you time and effort — without additional risk to accuracy.
  • We’ve boiled down volumes of information into the “most important of the most important,” so you’ll learn the tools, tips and techniques that will make the greatest impact in your day-to-day efficiency and performance.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Dramatically improve your efficiency using simple techniques for streamlining the entire payment process
  2. Learn how to audit-proof your entire record-keeping system
  3. Tame that “paper tiger” with super organizational tips that will revolutionize the way you handle paper from now on
  4. Discover how to analyze your organization’s current controls for weaknesses and holes –– and eliminate costly potential for error
  5. Put an end to petty cash abuses (and headaches!) by gaining control over this commodity
  6. Use secrets the pros rely on to get approvals, verifications, signatures and sign-offs quickly and easily
  7. Stay on top of your enormous workload with proven shortcuts and time-savers
  8. Learn how to eliminate the potential for duplicate payments with a fail-safe system
  9. Build in safety nets that guarantee no invoices fall through the cracks
  10. Sidestep the most costly AP mistakes –– and save your organization big bucks!
  11. Discover how to take full advantage of vendor discounts to make easy money for your organization
  12. Always know you’ve got what you paid for with simple tracking tips
  13. Negotiate your way out of paying late fees
  14. Take the hassle out of setting up vendor number controls and receiver controls
  15. Catch mistakes when you’re overloaded, with strategies that work like a charm
  16. Meet current government requirements on the handling of certain payments
  17. Pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks in the flow of invoices through your organization
  18. Put an end to common errors that lead to overpayments
  19. Handle difficult suppliers and vendors with finesse –– even in awkward situations!
  20. Spot overcharges and billing discrepancies in any invoice by using proven techniques
  21. Determine when vendor “discounts” aren’t such a great deal after all
  22. Know exactly what to look for in a good AP computer software system
  23. Understand which key skills you should be developing to position yourself for ongoing AP career success
  24. Implement safeguards that keep your files accessible without letting others mess them up
  25. Work more efficiently and productively in your tough job –– with far less hassle and frustration!

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Who Should Attend

  • Accounting professionals
  • Customer service managers
  • Small business owners
  • Collections professionals
  • Salespeople
  • Credit professionals
  • Bookkeepers
  • Financial managers

Workshop Agenda

Where You Fit In: Understanding the Importance of Your Role in the “Big Picture”

  • Why accounts payable is a crucial job in any company
  • How your organization’s reputation in the outside world depends on you
  • Qualities the best AP pros share
  • Authority and responsibility: Who has it, who wants it, and who needs it?
  • Critical success elements of highly effective AP pros
  • How does your organization’s AP stack up?
  • A review of critical processes and procedures

Organizing and Managing Your Enormous Workload

  • The essentials of managing mountains of invoices
  • Techniques for streamlining your payment process
  • Strategies for catching mistakes when you’re overloaded
  • Setting up vendor files –– the easy way!
  • How do invoices flow through your organization?
  • Spotting bottlenecks and problems you can’t risk
  • 6 questions every AP professional must ask about each invoice
  • Learn the secrets of “matching” your bills
  • Is your AP computer software working hard for you, or against you?
  • What to look for in a good system

Save Time with These Super Shortcuts

  • 7 habits of today's most effective AP professionals
  • Tracking tips that ensure you've received what you're paying for
  • Built-in safety nets to guarantee no invoices fall through the cracks
  • Techniques to make sure suppliers receive your checks on time … every time!
  • How to maintain current and accurate payment records without jumping through unnecessary hoops
  • Simple ways to stay on top of varying billing cycles

Essential Controls to Implement NOW!

  • A review of your organization's controls - how do you stack up today?
  • When is withholding payment permissible?
  • Setting up vendor number controls and receiver controls
  • A fail-safe system that eliminates duplicate payments
  • What to do when glitches in your system interfere with prompt
    invoice payment
  • Attributing the expense to the right account - your role in ensuring accurate business records
  • What you can personally do to control information flow
  • Red flags that let you know you've received an invoice late … and what to do about it
  • How to spot … and stop! … expense account padding

Zapping Time-Wasters and Tapping into Money-Savers

  • When to cash in on discounts for early payment and when a supposedly "good" deal is no deal at all!
  • Top reasons why manual checks must be minimized
  • Processing purchase orders and invoices the fast and efficient way
  • Negotiate your way out of paying late fees
  • What government regulations might be relevant to your bills
  • The top costly errors in AP - and how to avoid them

The "People Factor" -- How to Get What You Need, When You Need It

  • Getting approvals and authorizations without getting headaches
  • Secrets to getting others to give you all the information you need right up front
  • 5 reasons to get along with the purchasing agent (even if you'd really rather not!)
  • The most important rule in vendor/supplier relationships
  • The basics of maintaining lines of credit with vendors
  • Keeping a lid on the petty cash situation
  • How to negotiate great payment terms

Organized, Complete and Accessible Files and Records

  • Keeping confidential information truly confidential
  • Making your files accessible without allowing others to mess them up
  • Secrets to setting up files that will hold up under any scrutiny
  • Update on current government requirements regarding how you should handle certain payments
  • Advance planning strategies that guarantee you'll shine through any audit
  • Vendor information you'd be required to have should a dispute end up in court
  • Are you audit-ready? How to know for sure
  • Year-end reporting: 1099s and more
What's on the Horizon for AP?
  • Projections regarding procurement, credit/debit cards, the internet and computer-based receiving
  • Self-development and professional-development tactics for savvy AP pros
  • An eye-opening discussion on the business needs of the future and where today's trend and tendencies are leading us

Continuing Education:
Continuing education credits may be recognized by your professional board. Contact your own board to find out what's required.

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