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How to Successfully Introduce & Deal With Change in the Workplace

Move from fear and resistance surrounding the unknown Ö to excitement and enthusiasm for the possibilities of what can be!

Program Description   What You’ll Learn
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Program Description

Whether youíre heading up a change initiative or navigating the waters of an unexpected change, itís your job to emerge with positive results. Thatís what this exciting new workshop teaches you to do!

Have you ever tried to make a major change about something in your personal life? Something so significant that if you succeeded you’d consider it a major personal triumph, such as quitting smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthfully or significantly changing your spending habits.

Think about everything you did to make this change in your life. Was it easy? Did you have to struggle? Did you succeed?

Change in an organization is not unlike personal behavior change – it can be done, but it takes careful planning and flawless execution to make the changes really stick!

Attend this workshop and you’ll learn the secrets to making positive changes
happen in your workplace!

How to Successfully Introduce & Deal With Change in the Workplace delivers the crucial change management tools and techniques necessary for successfully planning and implementing change in the workplace. In addition, you’ll learn key strategies for effectively dealing with unexpected or unwanted change – change that’s beyond your control.

This comprehensive program covers all phases of how to make organizational change work, from understanding why people so often resist or fear change ... to how and when to introduce change initiatives in a way that gains acceptance ... to handling conflict and discord during the change process ... to sustaining change for lasting results.

Why so many change initiatives fail – and how to avoid that outcome
Unless you joined the workforce yesterday, you know from experience that a great many workplace change initiatives fizzle out after awhile – or never get off the ground in the first place. The truth is, companies both large and small often devote literally months of staff hours and heavy financial resources to introducing change efforts that ultimately fail.

But you and your organization can avoid that fate! Attend this workshop, and you’ll learn ...

  • Key reasons organizational change fails so often
  • How to sidestep the most common mistakes that thwart change initiatives
  • Typical obstacles in the change process and how to overcome them
  • The often unexpected impact change can have on organizational dynamics
  • What it takes to establish a workplace culture where positive change can flourish

The interpersonal response to change – and how to deal with it
While most change management programs focus only on the planning and implementation aspects of change, this innovative workshop also addresses the human face of change.

Unless you gain the know-how you need to deal effectively with employees’
reactions to change, your change initiative is doomed to fail!

This workshop will provide you with proven strategies for helping employees remain productive, focused and positive throughout the change process. You’ll discover why fear, anxiety and stress are common reactions to change. You’ll learn how to gain cooperation from employees’ whose initial reaction is resistance. And, you’ll master the secrets to keeping morale high throughout any change initiative.

Discover guaranteed strategies for personal behavior change
Another important feature of this program is our Special Section on creating lasting behavior change. This insightful section will help you understand why it’s so difficult to make permanent changes in behavior – and what it really takes to motivate personal change.

You’ll learn step by step how-to’s for breaking any habit for good ... how to handle backsliding and how to get back on track ... how changing the way one thinks will automatically change the way one behaves ... and the secret to making behavior change last a lifetime.

The techniques you’ll learn will not only help you understand others, but they’ll help you gain control over bad habits and unwanted behaviors that may have kept you from achieving your full career potential in the past. Master these tools now, and you’ll use them again and again to create greater success and happiness for yourself – for the rest of your life!

Learn steps for introducing change in a way that ensures greater acceptance
When it comes to introducing change initiatives – or announcing a major workplace change – timing is everything. That’s why you’ll find out how and when to introduce change to others so that it gains maximum buy-in and acceptance. You’ll learn step-by-step how-to’s for planning, introducing and implementing change for exceptional results.

You’ll find out how to create a master plan, including establishing goals, objectives and strategies. You’ll get a Change Management Checklist so nothing falls through the cracks.

Dealing effectively with change that’s beyond your control
Sometimes you plan change – and sometimes you get stuck with change. Like it or not, that’s the reality in business today, where mergers, buyouts, downsizing, rightsizing, restructuring, new management, new technology and changing regulations have become a way of life for all of us.

That’s why we’ll cover what to do when unexpected or unwanted change is thrown at you and you’ve got to deal with it. You’ll gain tools for assessing the impact of the situation and weighing your options, and you’ll find out how to respond carefully and professionally – rather than react hastily out of fear, anger or frustration.

How you handle change that’s beyond your control can often make or break your future success within your organization. This training gives you the tools to succeed!

Skills you’ll master apply to all types of change – both planned and unexpected
The change management tools and techniques you’ll master will apply to all types of workplace-related change, whether you’re undergoing company-wide restructuring or implementing a significant policy change within your department.

No matter where you are in the change process – no matter whether you planned the change or had it thrust upon you – this workshop is must-attend training if you’re serious about successfully implementing organizational change that “sticks.”

Change is a given in business today – so learn to handle it now!
The old saying, “The only thing that stays the same is change,” couldn’t be more true in today’s business world, where change, ambiguity and uncertainty have become the new reality. That’s why it’s crucial – for your organization’s success and for your career success – that you attend this workshop and learn these essential change management skills.

The proven techniques and strategies you’ll master will serve you time and again as you deal with change throughout your career. Don’t wait any longer to arm yourself with these “must have” skills! Make the commitment right now to attend How to Successfully Introduce & Deal With Change in the Workplace.


What Youíll Learn

Change is a lot easier to embrace when it’s your idea, isn’t it? That’s just human nature.

But the reality today for organizations like yours is that many changes you’ll grapple with aren’t of your choosing – and decisions concerning those changes are beyond your control. Economic shifts can necessitate downsizing … mergers and buyouts can result in wide-scale restructuring ... new regulatory rules can mean a complete overhaul in the way your company must do business ... new technology can dictate major modifications in how employees will perform their jobs.

This workshop specifically addresses how to deal with mandated changes head on – calmly and professionally. You’ll develop the solid skills you need to …

  • Accurately assess the situation and its impact
  • Run damage control if the change has thrown you
    into crisis mode
  • Consider your options, including hidden opportunities
  • Respond in a proactive way
  • Deal with uncertainty when the outcome isn’t yet clear
  • Motivate others to “get with the program”

You’ll discover change management techniques that ensure a smooth, successful transition from “the old way” to “the new way. The critical how-to’s you’ll gain will help you avoid the chaos, stress and plummeting productivity that often accompany unwanted or unexpected organizational change. You’ll also discover how to develop a higher tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity.

Bottom-line, you’ll learn how to respond in a positive, proactive manner – rather than to react out of fear, anger or frustration. How you handle change that’s beyond your control can have a significant impact on your future success with your organization! That’s why it’s in your best interest to invest the time to attend this important workshop and gain the skills you need to effectively navigate mandated change.


Workshop Agenda

The Plain and Simple Truths About Change

  • Understanding the nature of change
  • It’s true what they say -- change is the only constant
  • Reacting to change vs. initiating change: Key differences
  • Systems that typically build, bend or break during the change process
  • Recognizing the positive and negative consequences of change

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone: The Personal Side of Change

  • The interpersonal side of change: Why some people take it in stride and others fight it tooth and nail
  • Personal Assessment: How do you respond to change in your workplace? Away from work?
  • Why fear, anxiety, resistance and stress are so often associated with change
  • Strategies for gaining cooperation and commitment from employees resistant to change
  • Areas where conflict commonly occurs during the change process -- and how to head it off
  • The secret to keeping morale high during times of change

Changing Behavior Is Difficult, But It’s Possible (Special Section!)

  • Why is it so difficult for us to change in a lasting way?
  • Understanding what really motivates us to change (and what doesn’t)
  • How-to’s for breaking any habit – for good
  • The change “transition period”: What it is and why it’s necessary
  • Secrets to creating lasting behavior change
  • The importance of becoming comfortable with uncertainty
    and ambiguity
  • How to change the way you think – which will change the way you behave

Making Positive Change Happen: Start with a Good Plan

  • Essential skills and attitudes needed to successfully manage any change initiative (personal or organizational!)
  • Keys to making change productive rather than destructive
  • Communicate! Why communication makes or breaks any change plan
  • The vital roles that respect, trust and teamwork play in times of change
  • Creating your master plan for change: Establishing goals, objectives and strategies

Following Through: Critical Steps for Successful Implementation

  • Why some change efforts “stick” while others “flop”
  • Steps for introducing change in a way that gains you maximum buy-in
  • The Change Management Checklist
  • Harnessing the potential change offers while avoiding the pitfalls
  • The importance of a strong feedback loop and how to establish it
  • Sustaining change: How to prevent backsliding and make the change permanent

Handling the Unexpected – What to Do When the Change Is Beyond Your Control

  • What to do when change throws you into crisis mode
  • Identifying your options in the face of unwanted or unexpected change
  • How to deal with uncertainty – when you know something’s going to happen, but you don’t know what
  • Learning to assess the impact of any unexpected change so you don’t overreact
  • How to feel more in control when the change is out of your control
  • Finding the hidden opportunities in unwelcome change

Becoming a Change Master – Embracing Change as a Way of Life

  • How to keep winning when the rules keep changing
  • Is your organization primarily “change focused” or “change fearful”? How to know and what to do about it
  • Establishing a workplace culture that welcomes positive change and values the new and different
  • Seeking out new ideas … be the change agent, not the change avoider

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

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