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The Essentials of Collections Law
A comprehensive day of training for accounts receivable professionals at all levels

Finally! The training you need to be more effective and efficient immediately – and to avoid making mistakes that could cost your organization plenty!

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Program Description:

Guarantee Every Collection Attempt You Make Is Legal!

Companies across the country are getting hit with massive fines and judgments every day by violating critical federal collection law regulations and guidelines. Unintentional mistakes or not, the courts are bringing down the hammer on companies – and individuals – just like you.

Attend this fast-paced and informative one-day seminar that shows you exactly what violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other laws that lead to costly fines and judgments.

With the help of a veteran trainer experienced in the legal pitfalls of collections law, you’ll learn how to avoid the simplest legal mistakes and get concrete information on how to legally collect debt in sticky situations like bankruptcy and out-of-town debt.

It’s never been easier – or more costly to make a critical mistake

Doing your job as an A/R professional is hard enough without the threat of lawsuits hanging over your head. But make no mistake – debtors today have a WEALTH of information at their disposal about what you can and cannot do to collect a debt.

In a job where one wrong phrase in a collection letter – or even your tone of voice over the phone – can get you into hot water, you need to be confident and secure that everything you do is legally sound.

Get the essential facts for legally collecting accounts receivable

We’ve boiled down the confusing and complex world of federal collection law into a one-day workshop that will be as entertaining for you as it is enlightening! You and your peers will learn how to protect your interests AND learn legally safer ways to collect money faster and easier.

When you complete this day of training, you’ll know if you’ve been walking on thin ice (legally-speaking) in your collection efforts, and you’ll be able to identify red flags in your company’s collection procedures and processes that could cause BIG headaches down the road.

It’s training that’s guaranteed!

We’re so sure that this one-day, quick-hitting workshop on federal collection law will be the single most important training that you take in your job, we’ll offer you our ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It’s a win-win deal for you! (And if anyone knows how infrequently win-win deals come around in business – it’s you!).

What You'll Learn:

  1. Resolve conflicts more quickly and easily for better collection results
  2. Avoid legal prosecution when you learn about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  3. Save time and money by NOT accepting a debtor’s payment
  4. Greatly reduce the chances of costly lawsuits
  5. Resolve conflict early with promissory notes
  6. Tighten up documentation processes that will protect you in court
  7. Collect the money you’re owed faster with fewer headaches and no
    legal worries
  8. Help you business overcome the staggering rise in late payments
    and bad debt
  9. Protect your company against fraud
  10. Avoid common mistakes made by collectors
  11. Learn legal techniques to get early-stage delinquent accounts to pay up
  12. Resolve conflicts quicker and easier for better collection results
  13. Accurately report consumer credit information every time
  14. Use a mini-Miranda warning in phone calls and letters as a safeguard against FDCPA violations
  15. Increase your collection time and potential when you learn about bankruptcy

Who Should Attend?

  • Accounts receivables pros
  • Collection managers
  • Financial managers
  • Accountants
  • Sales people
  • Small business owners
  • Anyone who faces the tough task of collecting past due accounts
  • And YOU!

Workshop Agenda:

Secrets of Collection Laws Revealed

  • The areas of the FDCPA that trip up even veteran collectors
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act issues that can – and will – affect the way you work
  • Easily-broken HIPAA regs that can get you hauled into court
  • How to write a waiver that protects your company from Truth In Lending Laws and unauthorized credit card debits
  • What’s your company’s civil liability under the FDCPA? You better know!
  • Real-world examples of well-known companies who violated federal collection laws and the consequences they faced

Protecting Yourself and Your Company’s Bottom Line

  • Bad check laws that every A/R and sales pro in your company should know
  • What you can quickly (and legally) do to get your money when a customer writes you a bad check
  • Should you ever accept a post-dated check? Find out here
  • Using Promissory Notes to get your money sooner rather than later (or never at all)
  • Minimizing your company’s risk from fraud
  • Using a “mini-Miranda” warning to protect yourself and your company
    in court

Legally Respect a Debtor’s Bankruptcy and Still Get Your Money

  • An overview of consumer vs. commercial bankruptcy and the differences between Chapter 7, 11 and 13
  • Sobering bankruptcy statistics that are helping to change the face of the collection industry
  • A step-by-step guide to protecting your company’s interests during a debtor’s bankruptcy
  • What you need to know about bankruptcy and your reclamation rights
  • The critical difference between “I don’t have any money” and “I’m bankrupt”
  • How a personal guarantee as small as one paragraph in a commercial credit application can ensure you get your money if the company goes bankrupt
  • Who should sign a personal guarantee for a company – and who shouldn’t

Taking the “Next Step” in Collections

  • How to determine when enough is enough and get tough with your debtors
  • The pros and cons of collection agencies
  • What to look for in a collection agency so YOU don’t end up getting burned
  • How a $15 letter could save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees
  • When to get your lawyers involved – and what you should expect them to do for YOUR money
  • Legal hurdles you’ll have to jump over to get out-of-town debtors to pay

Protecting Your Company in Court

  • The first step you MUST take when you find out your company is being sued
  • How to build a foolproof paper trail that your lawyers will love
  • The Top 3 legal defenses that protect you when you’re sued
  • When it’s the last straw: Taking your debtors to court
  • Is your lawyer protecting your best interests? A simple checklist will let
    you know

SPECIAL BONUS - 10 Most Common Collections Mistakes

Every day accounts receivable professionals commit common mistakes such as using legal words and terminology in letters and conversations or charging interest and not complying with the requirements of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act. This special section sheds light on the top 10 most common mistakes made every day in the collections world.

When you attend this seminar, we let you in on all 10 errors A/R professionals unknowingly commit. Your trainer will walk you through each mistake offering valuable tips on how to steer clear of them and still collect the money you are owed. You can prevent expensive prosecution and fines when you learn what mistakes to avoid in the collections process.

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

Program Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration begins at
8:30 a.m.

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Lunch is on your own.

Continuing Education:
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