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Dreamweaver and Flash

Unleash the Power of 2 and Get the Most Innovative, Interactive Site on the Web Today!

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Program Description

Grab all the power you can.

When you work in the Web world, you need to keep adding to your skills at warp speed. That’s why we’ve designed a workshop series that delivers the techniques today that you’ll use tomorrow. Combine all the know-how you’ll receive at the Designing With Dreamweaver one-day workshop and the cutting-edge Flash Attack Workshop on the next day and you’ll get unbounded creative and technical power at your fingertips.

Join the masters of the Web universe
Be the creator of a Web site that sizzles with savvy and sophistication – not to mention built-in, user-friendly options. It’s so easy when you harness the megapotential of the two hottest Web-authoring programs out today. Getting the know-how has never been faster. Our workshop series accelerates your learning and shows you how to combine the strengths of two powerful Web design programs for one incredible site.

You’ll produce a Web site that looks like it took years to create
You’ll stop wondering how to do those dazzling special effects you see on other Web sites. That’s because you’ll walk away with the skills to go toe-to-toe with those big guys. If you’ve ever worried that you couldn’t compete with the award-winning Web sites … you’ll find out you can! This workshop series will plug you in to time-saving, efficient processes that create a site that works great and looks great.

Why do you need to know two programs for one Web site?
Get double-strength Web power! You’ll enjoy ease of design whether you’re a techie or not. Dreamweaver’s templates and tables incorporate solid design principles in every corner of your screen. And, updating content and changing your style is no big deal anymore. Add to that the animation imagination of Flash and get the jazzy look of the most sophisticated sites on the Web today. Your graphics will sing and dance whether you know how to write the code or not. What you end up with is a site that is as artistic as it is technically perfect.

The Dreamweaver and Flash workshop series goes straight for the good stuff
Just like your site viewers won’t tolerate a dull, static Web page, we don’t expect you to put up with training that isn’t up-to-the-second and just what you need. Here’s a sample of what’s in store during these two ground-breaking workshop sessions …

What You’ll Learn

    1. Build the Web site of your dreams with Dreamweaver’s full image-editor integration of Photoshop, Fireworks, ImageReady and more.

    2. Use Flash’s cutting-edge capabilities with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and blow up your content to screen size without losing resolution.

    3. You’ll achieve the look you want with 100% accuracy with your ability to position objects with pixel-precise placement.

    4. Use Dreamweaver’s built-in templates and search features that automate common tasks and quickly update content.

    5. Check out the competition. See the looks of award-winning Flash and
    Dreamweaver Web sites.

    6. Design Flash(y) buttons that your viewers won’t be able to resist pushing.

    7. Fill your technobox with versatile tools that edit and clean up HTML code, fix common errors and synchronize your Web site with other Web editors.

    8. You’ll leave with two great workbook resources filled with step-by-step instruction. You won’t forget a thing.

    9. The perfect solution for the non-artist … curves that smooth and lines that straighten … Flash’s Freehand shapes actually look good!

    10. Get all your burning Web questions answered by your trainer, an expert in the field.

    11. Construct Dreamweaver tables, frames and forms filled with active content without writing a line of code!

    12. Create hot spots on your page and link them to different URLs with Image Maps.

    13. Save lots of time by letting Flash do the animation work with Shape and Motion Tweening.

    14. Discover 2 techniques for keeping your animation process simple and organized.

    15. End your worries about different browsers. Use Flash’s Publish feature and have it create HTML for you or save your movie format as a GIF, PNG or QuickTime movie.

    16. It doesn’t matter if your artistic abilities don’t go beyond stick figures. You’ll get a look that will light up the screen.

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Workshop Agenda

Designing With Dreamweaver Agenda

Getting Started With Dreamweaver: What Looks Good on the Menu?

  • Moving into your Workspace in the Document window
  • Preparation musts: set Ruler Units, Grid Settings and Page Properties
  • Inside the Dreamweaver toolbox with the Property Inspector
  • Dreamweaver’s layout capabilities with tables, images, text and forms
  • Taking the shortcut with the Launcher
  • Web design basics: ALT tags, Web image formats and color management
  • Point and shoot icons to create anchor links and targeted links
  • Adding images, plug-in files, layers and tables with the easy-to-use Objects Palette

How to Transform Piles Into Files!

  • Essential questions to ask before you file any document
  • 4 rules of file classification that allow split- second access
  • Learn which types of files should be close at hand
  • Discover how to separate your files and make your projects easier to tackle
  • Standard practice for handling working files
  • No more piles? Then what do you do with “to be filed” records you don’t have time to file?
  • Make “File 13” your greatest ally! Items you can toss right now

Your Site Management Toolbox

  • Easy organization and cataloging techniques within the Site Window
  • Manage your files with the flowchart features of the Site Map
  • Pick and choose the files to transfer with Put and Get
  • The Synchronization command and keeping your site up-to-date
  • Check-in/check-out systems that track pages when several people are collaborating
  • Use Dreamweaver’s built-in FTP program to place your files on the Web

Bringing Your Web Design in Focus

  • Monitor your source code with the HTML inspector
  • Design a user-friendly form
  • Go for a global style … let Dreamweaver write the code for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • The meta-tag: Every search engine’s friend
  • Add JavaScript behaviors for fun mouseover effects (without having to write code!)
  • Make graphics glide across the page with the Timeline Inspector options
  • Increase your interactivity with Java Applets, plug-ins, Flash and ActiveX technologies
  • Keeping code the way you wrote it and still get the advantage of WYSIWYG with Roundtrip HTML
  • Preview your document in multiple browsers without going live

Table-Setting With Style

  • Tables: a simple way to set your style
  • Table modification by adding, deleting or merging cells
  • Formatting tables: Check your rows, your colors and your columns
  • Converting tables to layers and layers to tables
  • Avoid common mistakes when creating a nested table

Built-In Efficiency With Dreamweaver’s Automation Capabilities

  • Maintain your own unique style using templates
  • Modify templates to update the look of an entire site in four quick steps
  • Check out the library: Update content and add it quickly to multiple pages
  • Change your mind? Multiple undos in the History palette
  • Search and replace text and capabilities using Dreamweaver’s Find function for fast searches across multiple files and folders

Flash Attack Workshop Agenda

Welcome: The Graphic Truth About Flash

  • Inside the Flash Editor: The Timeline and the Work Area
  • Setting the Stage for your animation’s size
  • Text effects so creative that the words pop out of the screen
  • Making shapes change shapes
  • How to get lines that don’t curve and curves that are actually round!
  • Fill ’er up: Color gradients and fills you won’t see anywhere else
  • Getting it right where you want it with rules, grids, guides and snaps

Panels and Libraries

  • View, modify and organize your movie elements with panels
  • Scale, skew and rotate with the Transform Panel
  • Keep control of your colors with the Swatches Panel
  • Get a thumbnail preview of frame content in the Timeline
  • Creating a scene for thematic organization of your movie
  • Using links to shared library assets
  • Editing library items using Flash or other programs
  • Update your modified files without reimporting

It’s Alive! Animation Made Easy

  • Frame-by-frame animation
  • Techniques for creating keyframes
  • Let Flash make the motion with animation tweening
  • Hints for easy morphing with shape tweening
  • Analyze the animation with onion skinning
  • Simplifying your work with symbolism

Sounds and Interactivity

  • Sounding off … importing sounds and adding to frames and buttons
  • Working with event sounds (parameters) for more control and streaming ability
  • Guidelines for keeping sound file sizes in check
  • It’s all about Actions: Frame Actions and Button Actions
  • The Flash way of creating standard navigation buttons, menus and games
  • Create rollover buttons, buttons that change shape, animated buttons and multiple hotspots

Preparing Movies for the Web

  • The advantages of the Preloader
  • Optimizing elements for smaller file sizes, compression
  • Taking your animation into Dreamweaver and other Web-authoring software
  • Exporting movies for playback and review: Flash, GIF and other formats
  • Quality vs. quantity: Publish and Flash player settings
  • Working with the Bandwidth Profiler and the Streaming Graph
  • Adding sound and sample rates
  • Viewing Flash animations on older browsers

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

Program Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration begins at
8:30 a.m.

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Lunch is on your own.

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