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Success Strategies for Internet and E-mail Marketing

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Program Description

Web and e-mail marketing are crucial to your business success in today’s highly competitive environment. But are your Internet marketing efforts really delivering the kind of results you need? Most organizations are only tapping into a fraction of what interactive marketing can do. That’s why this course is so important to you and your organization.

Unleash the enormous potential of Internet marketing
E-mail marketing is a proven cost-effective channel to generate sales, increase customer spending and acquire new customers. Personalized/permission-based e-mail is not only here to stay, it’s become a driving force behind the way companies communicate with prospects and customers. If your organization is slow to integrate e-mail marketing solutions into your ongoing marketing plans, you stand a strong chance of losing your edge to competitors who have embraced e-mail.

Which is why you simply can’t afford to miss Success Strategies for Internet & E-Mail Marketing. An intensive two-day workshop, this highly interactive, comprehensive training is designed to help you effectively use interactive marketing methods to build your business and grow your profits.

Learn from top Internet marketing expert, Regina “Reggie” Brady
You’ll learn directly from industry insider and expert Reggie Brady, one of the leading authorities in the country on e-mail marketing. With more than 20 years of “in the trenches” experience, Reggie is a pioneer in the field of interactive marketing. Reggie has helped hundreds of top companies across the country achieve a whole new level of success through the Internet, and now you have the rare opportunity to learn firsthand from this extraordinary Web marketing guru.

Finally! Training packed with lessons from the real-world – NOT useless theories!
This hands-on, practical course is filled with dozens of case studies and real-world examples of how companies large and small have achieved great results on the Web and through e-mail marketing. You’ll discover exactly how to use e-mail to acquire new prospects and generate leads, build loyalty and sell products and services. You’ll learn how to leverage the power of search engine marketing to drive the right traffic to your site. What’s more, you’ll get up-to-the-minute information from an industry expert on the changing legal landscape of e-mail marketing and consumer privacy concerns.

Master the keys to Internet marketing success – in just 2 days
Why risk learning online marketing skills by costly trial and error when you can get up to speed fast on essential techniques and strategies that will make all the difference in your results? The Internet marketing know-how you need to improve your results and increase your ROI is only a 2-day workshop away!

Workshop Agenda

I. Essentials of E-Mail and Permission

  • Why e-mail is faster, cheaper and better than other forms of marketing
  • How to get started and where to invest your dollars for a pay-off
  • How to navigate successfully in a sea of spam
  • Building privacy and permission standards to protect your customers and your brand
  • Tips to decide whether to send e-mail yourself or outsource (and some inexpensive solutions)
  • Most common mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them
  • Words and phrases that can damage your ability to get your mail delivered
  • A look at metrics and results across many industries
II. Driving Traffic to Your Web Site: How to Find and Qualify the Right Leads
  • How to launch a prospecting campaign that gives you the best chance for success
  • What to ask on an online registration form to ensure both quality and quantity
  • Case studies and examples of acquisition efforts that worked
  • How to select the right lists for e-mails and newsletters for ad banners
  • Tips for effective copy and design
  • What are the keys to results? Focusing your testing on that which makes the greatest impact
  • Checklist for promotions that inspire interest
  • Learn 5 techniques that will allow your site to show up in search engines
III. How to Grow Your List of E-Mail Addresses
  • Online and offline techniques to employ for fast growth
  • Secrets of appending e-mail addresses to your customer file
  • What to do when a customer’s e-mail address is no longer valid or deliverable
  • How to start the relationship off on the right foot
  • How to get your customers to update their preferences so you get their most current information
  • Motivate your customers to refer a friend or colleague
  • Case studies of how marketers have dramatically increased their lists – quickly!
IV. Building the Relationship: How to Maximize Retention and Sales
  • Developing a strategic plan for success
  • The anatomy of an effective e-mail
  • How to launch an e-mail newsletter
  • Effective integration of e-mails and your Web site
  • Advanced techniques that are surprisingly simple to execute: Triggered messages, personalization, tracking all the way through to a sale
  • The power of developing customer segments
  • When to mail and how often to mail
  • The 4-step process of campaign optimization
  • Case studies and examples of effective communications and promotions
  • How to reactivate customers who have gone dormant
V. E-Mail and the Marketing Mix: Multi-Channel Marketing
  • How to integrate e-mail with direct mail, telemarketing and retail
  • Common pitfalls in developing and implementing a multi-channel plan
  • Using one channel to drive action in another
  • Why multi-channel shoppers are “the holy grail”
  • Case studies and examples of what works
VI. How to Monetize Your Interactive Efforts
  • How to make money by making your list available to third party offers
  • Should you accept banner ads in your newsletter or Web site?
  • How to add content to your site and get paid for doing it
VII. Search Engines, Ad Banners and Affiliate Programs
  • The ins and outs of search engines
  • Tips to optimize your home page and secondary pages to get listed in search engines
  • Does buying keywords on search engines make sense for you?
  • How to get others to link to your site
  • Do ad banners work?
  • The 7 steps to success for search engine marketing
  • How to build an effective affiliate marketing program

What You’ll Learn

  • Make sure your e-mail doesn’t look like spam – 5 things you can do.
  • Know the two most important factors in getting your e-mail opened and read.
  • Grow your e-mail list, including one tip guaranteed to double the number of sign-ups you receive!
  • Boost your results simply by mailing on a certain day of the week and time of day.
  • Craft compelling content: Short copy or long copy – when to use which.
  • Effectively measure and interpret your results, including industry benchmarks to determine success.
  • Successfully apply the 7 steps for search engine optimization.
  • Integrate your online and offline marketing efforts with 6 success strategies.
  • Get listed on the first page of leading search engines.
  • Maximize your use of ad banners and affiliate programs.
  • How to boost your e-mail campaign response rates
  • Smart solutions for growing your e-mail database
  • Keys to avoiding looking like spam
  • How to multiply your bottom-lines results with viral marketing
  • Tactics for integrating your online and offline marketing efforts
  • How to make the “hot spots” on your Web site pay big dividends
  • Optimize your site for search engines

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Who Should Attend

  • Marketing managers, executives and business owners
  • Consumer marketers and business-to-business marketers
  • Organizations that currently use e-mail and want to do it more effectively
  • Organizations wanting to get started with e-mail marketing
  • Professionals who want to get up-to-speed quickly

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