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Design Essentials for Newsletters, Brochures, Ads, Catalogs, Reports and More!

An exciting 1-day workshop for PC and Mac users at any level of desktop publishing experience. Get the know-how you need to produce better looking projects every time!

Program Description   Who Should Attend

Workshop Agenda  
What You’ll Learn  

Program Description

As a professional, you’ve seen literally thousands of reports, newsletters, brochures, catalogs and ads. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to design a document that’s attractive, easy to read and effective, right?

Wrong! If you’ve ever worked long and hard to create a major document, only to see it be tossed unread into the wastebaskets of those you hoped to impress, you know the truth:

Designing a printed piece that actually gets noticed is one tough challenge!
You need to create visually appealing documents that get results! What’s the secret? Simple: You’ve got to know the basics of good graphic design. Which is why Design Essentials for Newsletters, Brochures, Ads, Catalogs, Reports & More has been developed specifically for professionals like you.

Leave with tons of fresh new design ideas
What’s more, you’ll evaluate examples of design – from the really great to the downright awful – to learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll come away with dozens of fresh, new ideas that you can’t wait to try on your next project.

Bottom line: Why continue to design by frustrating trial-and-error when you could be creating visually attractive, professionally polished documents that get excellent results – and earn rave reviews? All it takes to transform your skills is just one exciting day of layout and design training.

What You’ll Learn

In just 1 fast-paced day of training, you’ll learn …

  • Great graphic designs guaranteed to add professional polish to all
    your projects
  • Simple but impressive-looking layouts for different types of documents
  • Secrets for grabbing your readers’ attention – and holding it
  • “How to’s” for using color effectively
  • Tips for choosing photos, type faces and other graphic elements that will work together to drive your message home
  • Steal terrific design ideas from the dozens of examples of good design you’ll evaluate
  • Avoid making the “design disasters” you’ll see
  • Get all your design questions answered by an expert
  • Design better quality projects in less time – with less hassle
  • Add professional polish and pizzazz to every document
  • Save money by designing it right the first time
  • Design documents that get noticed – and get YOU noticed!
  • Have fun hanging out with incredibly creative people all day.

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Who Should Attend

  • Newsletter editors
  • Brochure designers
  • Catalog design professionals
  • Desktop publishers
  • Beginning Web page designers
  • Administrative assistants
  • PR professionals
  • Advertising professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Graphics production assistants
  • Marketing directors
  • Small business owners
  • Speakers and trainers
  • And anyone else who wants to produce top-quality, attention-getting documents!

Workshop Agenda

Understanding the Elements of Excellent Graphic Design

  • Seeing is believing: Examples of effective design in various types of documents
  • Understanding the importance of balance and proportion to good design
  • How to go with the “flow” to move the reader through your document
  • Natural tendencies of readers that every designer must be aware of
  • “Layout losers”: Top 10 design disasters guaranteed to label you as a rookie – and how to avoid them
  • Excellent resources for finding terrific design ideas

A Great Plan Guarantees Great Design Results

  • Questions to ask: Who is your audience? Why are you communicating with them?
  • Clarifying the objective of your document – Will it sell an idea? Entertain? Get people to buy or to call? – and translating that objective into design
  • Why it’s crucial to make pre-press and printing decisions before you start to design
  • Planning pointers that will save you time and frustration later

How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention – and Hold It!

  • “How to’s” for making a powerful visual first impression
  • Increasing readability with headlines, subheads and other key elements
  • Breaking up boring, gray text: Boxes, sidebars, call-outs, pull quotes, drop caps and more
  • Effective use of white space – and why overlooking it is a big mistake
  • Tips for making your key points stand out
  • Nifty special effects available to you through the magic of desktop publishing – and how to use them wisely

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Using Type to Add Impact to Your Message

  • Important considerations in choosing text type, including serif vs. sans serif
  • Determining whether to use right- justified, left-justified or centered alignment
  • Harnessing the personality of typefaces to convey tone and mood in headers
  • What size type is the right size to use? How to decide
  • Effective uses – and common abuses – for upper-case, bold, italics and underlined text
  • Why reverse type is a powerful element to be used with caution

How to Use Photos, Illustrations and Other Graphics

  • Recognizing when to use graphics to drive your message home – and when they’ll detract
  • The secret to choosing photos that will connect with your audience
  • Understanding the power of photo captions and using it to your advantage
  • “How to’s” for most effectively using illustrations and other visual elements
  • Impressive graphs that are easy to create
  • Tips for cropping, sizing and positioning graphic elements on
    the page

Do’s and Don’ts for Effectively Using Color

  • A quick primer on the psychology of color to understand how certain colors elicit reactions in your audience
  • Guidelines for using color effectively and creatively
  • Important considerations when selecting colored backgrounds and screens
  • Color combos to use – and lose
  • Using color when you’re on a shoe- string budget

Winning Layouts for Different Types of Documents

  • Reports and proposals: How to use design elements to break up the gray
  • Tips for making your brochures and newsletters more attention-getting – and more effective
  • Adding visual interest and readability to catalogs
  • A handy checklist: Is your document designed for ultimate impact and effectiveness?

Continuing Education:
Continuing education credits may be recognized by your professional board. Contact your own board to find out what's required.

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