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The First-Time Supervisors' Boot Camp

Are you gung-ho to be a first-class supervisor? Then gear up for the most exciting basic training you’ll ever enlist in - and arm yourself with the powerful skills, tools and know-how you’ll need to lead your troops to success!

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Workshop Agenda  
What You’ll Learn  

Program Description

Dear Management Recruit:

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen for the professional opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to proudly serve your outfit in a leadership position. Whether you enlisted in the management forces or were drafted, whether you’re about to report for leadership duty or you’ve been in command for awhile, you’ve probably already figured out …

Being an effective leader is a lot harder than your recruiter told you!
In fact, getting exceptional results through others is harder than a frozen grenade in a Siberian blizzard! But seriously – supervision is more difficult today than ever before because of new challenges like ever-changing technology, an increasingly diverse workforce and the push to get more done with fewer resources.

It’s unbelievable how much you’ve got to know as a supervisor today to get the job done right – and to move up the chain of command!

That’s where The First-Time Supervisors’ Boot Camp comes in. Listen up: This is NOT your typical management training experience! It’s intense, fast-paced and highly interactive, filled with skill-packed exercises and hands-on learning activities. You’ll be completely taken out of your world for two days and immersed in an environment where you’ll be 100 percent focused on the key skills, strategies and techniques that will make you a stronger, more effective supervisor.

This intensive training covers all the aspects of supervision that are critical to your success, including how to …

  • Motivate your troops to go the extra mile
  • Adopt winning leadership habits
  • Build a high-performance team
  • Use creative problem-solving techniques to find new solutions
  • Weed out shirkers and deserters with smart interview tactics
  • Guide the troops through change – and the chaos it can cause
  • Avoid the minefield of mistakes new leaders usually make
  • Communicate clearly and confidently
  • And much, much more!

This “basic training” is designed to get you up to speed FAST in all the management essentials, and the nonconventional, interactive training format allows you to practice and reinforce the skills you’re learning. We’ve stocked our camp with the very latest leadership and management tools and tactics – strategies you’ll use for years to come!

And don’t tell the top brass, but this supervisory boot camp is more fun than you should be allowed to have while you’re learning. You’ll train shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow recruits, sharing laughs and camaraderie as you flex your management muscles and strengthen your leadership skills.

So why risk your career learning essential management skills by trial and error when you can become a top-flight supervisor IN JUST TWO DAYS? Enlisting has never been easier – enroll online today!

Mark R. Truitt, Commander In Chief
Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc.

P.S. Camping space is limited to optimize one-on-one interaction, so don’t dillydally around. Move it! Move it! Move it! And sign up today.

What You’ll Learn

1. Motivate your troops to give it their all – without threatening KP duty!
2. Resolve conflicts and disagreements without letting them escalate out of control.
3. Establish your credibility fast and earn salutes up and down the chain of command.
4. Save hours every week by avoiding common time-wasters that wreck a supervisor’s schedule.
5. Build on your unique strengths to develop a confident, professional leadership style.
6. Troops late for roll call AGAIN? Curb tardiness and absenteeism with proven strategies.
7. Avoid the most common mistakes made by new supervisors.
8. Deliver constructive feedback in a way that produces positive change, not resentment or anger.
9. Combat a variety of attitude problems without breaking a sweat.
10. Use active listening techniques to really hear what employees are trying to tell you.
11. Supervise friends and former coworkers without hassles or stress.
12. Give crystal-clear instructions your employees will understand the first time.
13. Win over the troops – and the top brass – to your way of thinking.
14. Conduct effective performance appraisals that result in improved employee performance.
15. Build a top-flight, A-1 team that’s the envy of every organization.
16. Free up your time and develop your employees' skills through effective delegation.
17. Avoid the minefield of stress and burnout by building some R&R into your personal and professional life.
18. Lead your troops successfully through the obstacle course of turmoil, chaos and change.
19. Make overwhelming management tasks disappear by using “Planagement.”
20. Kick-start creativity in your team and yourself for amazing new solutions to old problems.
21. Face confrontations with employees head-on in a calm and confident manner.
22. Weed out shirkers and deserters with smart interviewing tactics.
23. Say “no” in a professional way that doesn’t give offense – or
make you feel guilty.
24. Pave your way to career success with the Supervisor’s Action Plan you’ll develop.
25. Become a highly effective, well-respected manager that employees are eager to work with.

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Who Should Attend

  • First-time supervisors and managers who want to build their supervisory skills fast
  • Supervisors with a few years of experience who never received formal training
  • Anyone soon to be promoted to a supervisory position
  • Those new to supervising others, even if it's not part of the job description

Workshop Agenda

What the Recruiter Never Told You: Truths About Being a Manager Today

  • The challenging obstacle course facing leadership today
  • Saluting the top brass: Traits and characteristics that set highly successful leaders apart
  • The emotional requirements of being a supervisor: Have you got the right stuff?
  • Avoiding booby traps that often trip-up new supervisors
  • Can you fraternize with your staff and still maintain respect and compliance?
  • Tips for avoiding the problems that come from supervising friends and former coworkers
  • 5 proven ways to gain control of your environment
  • The 7 classic principles of influence ... how and when to deploy them
  • Crucial differences between being a leader and “being
    the boss”

Forward, MARCH! Learning to Lead So Your Squad Will Follow

  • Conducting field maneuvers: How to offer your troops direction without giving them answers
  • How to identify and develop the core competencies all effective leaders share
  • What kind of a leader are you right now? Learn to assess your leadership skills, play up your strengths and scuttle your weaknesses
  • Delegation: Your secret weapon for boosting personal productivity
  • Ways to get your people to support your ideas, believe in you, and march with you anywhere
  • How to develop your skills as a “big picture thinker”
  • Using positive assertiveness to negotiate, influence and build win-win relationships
  • Are you “fraternizing with the troops”? How to maintain the right amount of distance between your employees and yourself

I Can’t HEARRRRRR You! Communication and Listening How To’s

  • No can do! How to say “no” without arousing offense in others, or guilt in yourself
  • Techniques to make sure your people “hear you right the first time” when you give them direction
  • Now hear this: How to add more power, energy and effectiveness to your spoken words
  • How good a listener are you? Here’s how to tell
  • More ammo! Tips to boost the impact of your e-mail and written communication
  • How to offer the right feedback at the right time

Move It! Move It! Move It! How to Motivate, Guide and Direct the Troops

  • The #1 employee motivator (hint: it’s NOT money — or the threat of having to eat C-rations)
  • What your troops really want from you (and how to give it to them)
  • Are you unknowingly giving your best workers negative reinforcement? How to tell
  • You CAN get your squad to work harder, faster and more efficiently. Here’s how!
  • How personality affects performance: Keys to understanding why people act and react the way they do
  • The most effective ways to offer constructive criticism — even to your most sensitive recruits
  • Performance appraisals: New ways to evaluate your people with minimum stress, maximum results

Thinking Outside the Barracks — Creative Strategies for Supervisors

  • How to solve typical problems through atypical thinking
  • Brainstorming techniques for capturing whole armies of fresh, original ideas
  • Tactics for firing up creativity in your team and yourself — and escaping from the “tried and true”
  • How to stop thinking “we’ve always done it that way” and start thinking “we can do it differently and better”
  • At ease! How to foster a work climate where creativity thrives
  • Use the time-honored principles of Murphy’s Law to help you handle snafus

Staying on Target With a Powerful Arsenal of Management Tools

  • Learn to eliminate costly supervisory time-wasters
  • Work smarter, not harder, using project, priority and time management skills
  • Learn to take advantage of Internet management tools and Web sites
  • Secret weapons for catching even the sneakiest e-mail and Web abusers and putting an end to unproductive techno time
  • Discover what new technological innovations and management trends are in the pipeline

Shaping Up Unproductive and Problem Employees (Before They Go AWOL)

  • Behavior modification strategies (when “Drop and give me 50 pushups!” isn’t appropriate)
  • Tips for turning chronic complainers into productive, happy campers
  • Tools for combating a variety of attitude problems
  • The best approach for dealing with argumentative, difficult and combative people
  • What’s your role in settling disagreements between employees?
  • 3 basic guidelines to know before heading into a combat zone with employees
  • The secret to identifying the underlying reasons

Continuing Education:
Continuing education credits may be recognized by your professional board. Contact your own board to find out what's required.

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