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This seminar is offered onsite only. The descriptions and outlines specified below are examples of the topics covered in this seminar. Actual seminar content will depend on your organization's needs. Of course, we customize the seminar's content to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The Essentials of Payroll Management

An intensive one-day workshop and legal update for payroll professionals.

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Program Description

This comprehensive one-day workshop is an absolute career essential for anyone involved in payroll management. In plain English, it offers the solid answers you need to pressing questions that plague every payroll professional, from how to interpret tricky IRS rules to how to handle an employee's special payroll deduction needs to which benefits are taxable.
Expect an information-packed day of training! Key areas to be covered include fundamentals of effective payroll administration, benefit administration basics, and recordkeeping and reporting techniques that keep the auditor away. A major segment of the workshop is a legal update on the constantly changing government rules and regulations impacting payroll. This information alone is worth the price of the workshop!
What's more, this intensive day of training will allow you to return to work with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can confidently handle each and every tricky payroll situation correctly.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Say goodbye to headaches over where to draw the line on IRS de minimis fringes
  2. Know exactly how to handle the most recent changes in payroll rules and regulations
  3. Save time in preparing W-2s by using a handy checklist
  4. Withhold the correct amount on company gifts from cash to ball game tickets to gift certificate
  5. Determine taxability of income and benefits -- with solid guidelines to back up your decisions
  6. Meet the new hire reporting requirements to the letter of the law
  7. Save your organization major bucks by knowing how to keep independent contractors from being viewed as employees
  8. Handle all types of garnishments with ease
  9. Avoid red-flag payroll practices that make auditors sit up and take notice
  10. Find more space in the files by knowing exactly how long certain documents must be kept
  11. Understand when and how to best use payroll service bureaus
  12. Improve your accuracy by knowing how to build safety nets into your system
  13. Understand how to proceed in a variety of special situations, such as final payments to a deceased employee
  14. Avoid common Wage and Hour Law missteps that could cost your organization a bundle
  15. Know where to find excellent resources for payroll information - fast!

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Workshop Agenda

Building on the Fundamentals of Effective Payroll Administration-Because every payroll professional must possess a solid foundation of knowledge in payroll management, this workshop includes an extensive overview of the basic principles you must know forward and backward.

Understanding Benefit Administration Basics- When it comes to handling employee benefits, there's a lot to know. Is the benefit taxable? Non-taxable? Partially taxable? Spend just one day with us and get the answers you need to keep your company on the straight and narrow.

Comply, Comply, Comply! Laws, Rules, and Regulations You MUST Know! In the world of payroll management, one misstep could land you in legal hot water. And, the penalties of not following the letter of the law can be severe. This workshop helps you thoroughly understand the existing rules and regulations that affect payroll management, as well as get updated on recent changes.

Recordkeeping and Reporting Techniques that Keep the Auditor Away- Efficient recordkeeping and reporting is the secret to preventing critical mistakes from falling through the cracks. This workshop provides step-by-step directions for handling the many issues and challenges that come your way in this integral part of your job.

Continuing Education:
Continuing education credits may be recognized by your professional board. Contact your own board to find out what's required.

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