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Killer Creative Techniques Using Adobe® Photoshop

This incredible one-day workshop teaches you how to command Photoshop’s incredible array of creative tools so that every project you produce is more innovative and exciting!

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Program Description

How many times have you flipped through a magazine, seen an image that absolutely blows you away and thought to yourself, “Whoa, I’ll bet they did that in Photoshop.” Or, you’re surfing the Web and you come across an incredible graphic that stops you cold, and you think the same thing. The only question is, HOW did they do it?

Truth is, Photoshop is so rich with creative tools that it’s tough to learn how to use them all – especially when you have to work for a living and can’t sit around all day experimenting through trial and error. Deadlines loom, bosses lurk, projects gotta get out that door. The more complex, advanced features of Photoshop can be tricky to get the hang of, frankly, which is why they tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Now you can learn how to pull out the stops in Photoshop – and create stunning images so cool and new that you can’t believe your eyes.

Killer Creative Techniques Using Adobe Photoshop hits you like a one-day brainstorm in creative possibilities with a software program you thought you knew. You’ll discover tools you didn’t even know existed, techniques you assumed were too complex to try, and secrets the design pros use to make the whole process easier than you ever imagined it could be.

You’ll learn …

Plus, gain tons of ideas for turning lifeless graphics and photos into amazing images that communicate volumes!

This workshop is specifically designed for creatives who want to get in on Photoshop’s more advanced features, although beginners will soak up plenty of ideas, too. If you’re looking for a production course for Photoshop, this isn’t it, because creative techniques is the focus du jour. Massively upgrade your creative skills in Photoshop in just one day.

We call this a workshop for lack of a better term, but we promise it’s anything but work! Your attention will be absolutely riveted for six of the most incredible, idea-packed hours you’ll ever experience in this lifetime. You’ll see demonstrations of how top graphic designers have created award-winning images – and find out how you can do the same. Expect to leave with a head full of fresh, new ideas you can’t wait to try on your own projects.

You want fresh? Edgy? Bold? Out there? Then you want to enroll in Killer Creative Techniques Using Adobe Photoshop. Like now, while there’s still room. Get ready to open up a whole new world of design possibilities you never thought were there for you – in one exhilarating day. Get ready to wow your clients, your co-workers, your managers – and yourself – with images that will dwarf ANYTHING you’ve ever created before!

What You’ll Learn

  1. Create absolutely stunning images using the 95 special effects filters
  2. Use Layer Effects to add automatic bevels, glows and drop shadows
  3. Quickly transform images into “paintings” with the Art History brush – and paint with patterns or textures
  4. Design sophisticated Web graphics, from rollovers to GIF animations, faster and more easily than you ever dreamed possible
  5. Control the brightness, hue and saturation of colors with color correction tools
  6. Transform ho-hum typefaces into eye-catching graphic elements with just a few keystrokes
  7. Combine images into a powerful collage that is fully editable
  8. Select the unexpected – how to select the most challenging, complex and fine details you can imagine
  9. Understand the differences between channels and layers – and when to use them
  10. Mask images in a snap with Background Eraser
  11. Choose the right selection tools to blend background and foreground images easily
  12. Concentrate on the creative process by taking full advantage of some essential keyboard shortcuts and techniques
  13. Save money by printing in two colors
  14. Go easy on your memory by using “RAM-free” techniques
  15. Determine how much you can resize an image that has already been scanned
  16. Create the ideal balance between control and flexibility
  17. Change the name of a tool – or at least think of it differently – and make life with Photoshop simpler.

Who Should Attend

Software Versions Covered

This workshop covers the latest versions of Photoshop, although owners of earlier versions will greatly benefit from many of the shortcuts, techniques and ideas covered.

Workshop Agenda

Gearing Photoshop Into Overdrive

Control + Flexibility = Way Cooler Images

Capturing Images the Hassle-Free Way

Selection Secrets Design Pros Swear By

Layer Magic for Graphics You’ll Brag About

How to Turn Up the Volume on Color Control

Creating a Visual Feast With Special Effects

Designing Brave New Web Graphics With ImageReady

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