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A Manager's Guide to Creating A Positive, Energized Work Climate

Stamp out negativity! Give morale a giant shot in the arm!

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Program Description

Dear Professional:

Problems with low morale, poor productivity and unmotivated people have plagued leaders ever since there have been managers and employees.

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees motivated and to keep productivity high – which are enormous challenges on your shoulders. Leaders like you from across the country have told us that maintaining a positive work environment is more difficult than ever because employees are becoming increasingly stressed out and negative as they struggle to cope with the uncertainties of our ever-changing work world.

Negativity, low morale and lousy attitudes can cost your organization plenty – but now there’s help. National Seminars Group has developed A Manager’s Guide to Creating a Positive, Energized Work Climate, an exciting one-day workshop that offers a revolutionary approach to this tough leadership issue.

The Best Leaders Know That Positive Results Just Don’t Happen in Negative Environments
This crucial program for all leaders is based on the best practices from world-class organizations who’ve achieved incredible business results by paying close attention to the company “climate.” In just one insightful day of training, you’ll get the essential tools and strategies you need to create a high-energy, supportive environment where teamwork thrives!

You’ll discover …

  • Ideas other companies use to inject fun into the work atmosphere –
    with amazing results!
  • Morale-busting mistakes managers commonly make, and how to avoid them
  • Creative leadership tools for motivating employees to give their all
  • Proven strategies for getting people to eagerly accept needed changes
  • Expert techniques for turning negative employees into positive contributors
  • Tips for making boring tasks and routine jobs more fun
  • Your essential role in creating and maintaining a positive, upbeat work environment

Deal Effectively With Bad Attitudes and Resistance to Change
And that’s just the beginning. You’ll also gain step-by-step “how to’s” for turning around specific attitude problems, from whiners and know-it-alls to chronic complainers and cynics. Plus, we’ve included an entire section on overcoming employee resistance to change. Imagine how much less frustrating your job will be when the foot-draggers are willing to “get with the program” whenever you introduce changes that need to be made!

More Fun on the Job Means Less Stress for Employees – And for You!
As you implement the morale-boosting techniques and motivational strategies you’ll learn in this workshop, you’ll notice that people seem less stressed and pressured, fewer personality clashes occur and attitudes are more positive than you can ever remember. You’ll also find that your newly energized employees are more enthusiastic, far more productive – and a lot more fun to spend the workweek with!

The value of this essential training for managers cannot be overstated, because left unchecked, negative attitudes and low morale will drain your productivity and cripple your organization. Don’t wait any longer to get the skills and strategies you need to pump positive energy into your work environment – and to create a place where your employees will excel beyond your wildest expectations!

What You’ll Learn

Happier employees are more productive
Research has shown that employees who report that they enjoy their jobs and are happy at work overall are more productive. They also miss less work and are less likely than their unhappy counterparts to leave the company for greener pastures. This workshop gives you specific tools and strategies for helping employees find the fun in their jobs, which will lead to happier campers.

You’ll avoid common “morale-busting” mistakes
Did you know that a number of very common management practices and policies dampen employee morale and create resentment? True! We’ll discuss these “morale-busters” and show you how to replace them with “morale-boosters,” practices and policies that support and encourage your employees.

Employees will embrace essential changes instead of resisting them
It’s human nature to resist change, to stick with what’s comfortable – even when it’s not working! This workshop devotes an entire section to overcoming resistance to change, providing you with proven techniques and strategies for introducing change in a way that employees can more easily accept and for gaining the cooperation of even your most reluctant workers.

Negative thinking and bad attitudes will be history
It’s impossible to get continued good results from bad attitudes! we’ll arm you with powerful tactics for turning around specific attitude problems, from whiners and complainers to cynics and grumps.
You’ll be amazed at how much more pleasant your workplace will be – and how much better people get along – when negative thinking turns positive and bad attitudes disappear.

Energized, positive employees CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!
When work becomes more fun, when employees are happier and less stressed, when morale improves week by week, you will see an amazing transformation in your workplace. Your employees will have a genuine sense of excitement about their jobs, their teammates, their organization – and your leadership. When you fire them up with a “can do” spirit, they’ll be capable of accomplishing anything!

Who Should Attend

If these questions sound familiar, this workshop will benefit you!

1. The attitude of one constantly negative employee drags down everyone else – what can I do?
2. My people are stressed out and anxious due to some massive company changes. How can I improve morale?
3. Bickering coworkers have derailed our team’s productivity. Do I step in or keep out of it?
4. My employees act like they’ve barely got a pulse and I don’t know what to do to motivate them. Any ideas?
5. How can I spice up the routine for our people who work in monotonous jobs?
6. Any suggestions for making snoozer meetings more lively?
7. How can I reward hard-working employees when we have zero money in the budget for it?
8. I’m swamped with work already! Why is it MY job to improve everyone’s attitudes?
9. How do I convince upper management to let us try a few fun activities when they’re convinced it’s a waste of time and money?
10. What do I do with a know-it-all employee who grates on everyone’s nerves – especially mine?
11. Employees don’t seem to trust me. How can I convince them we’re all in this together?
12. How do I get my employees to “think outside the box” to solve some of our team problems?
13. How can I keep good employees from burning out when we’re working heavy overtime?
14. How can we keep employees’ spirits up when our business is really down?
15. My people seem to live to complain. How do I turn the situation around?
16. Our work atmosphere has gradually gotten so relaxed that people goof off. What now?
17. Morale-boosters we’ve tried before have come off as rah-rah and silly. Where are we going wrong?
18. How do I drag employees past, “We’ve never done it that way!” to try new processes and procedures?
19. Whenever I try to introduce new ideas in our department, a couple of employees are always naysayers. Help!
20. How do I get team members to stop quibbling and start pulling together?

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Workshop Agenda

Accentuate the Positive: Lessons From Today’s Most Successful Companies

  • Prime examples of top organizations that reap enormous rewards from maintaining a positive, fun work atmosphere
  • Research confirms: Happy employees are more productive, more creative and more loyal
  • Why negativity, stress and poor employee attitudes have skyrocketed – and the toll it takes on organizations
  • What do today’s employees REALLY want from their jobs? The answers may surprise you!
  • Are company policies and procedures actually adding to stress and lowering morale? Common workplace practices to avoid
  • Take the Climate Test! Find out what the current climate is like in your organization

Lighten Up! Fun and Games for Reducing Stress and Boosting Morale

  • Lessons from the real world: how specific companies make their workplaces more fun
  • 20 imaginative ideas for injecting humor and lightheartedness into your work environment
  • Ask your employees! Getting input on how to make their jobs more challenging and interesting
  • Tips for spicing up the routine and putting variety into otherwise monotonous tasks
  • Recognizing and addressing signs of employee burnout and stress overload
  • Productive fun or goofing off? Important guidelines for keeping a relaxed atmosphere from getting out of control

Creative Leadership Tools for Motivating and Energizing Employees

  • The morale-boosting power of sincere praise and an easy format for giving it on the spot
  • Understanding what motivates employees to perform at 110 percent – and what de- motivates them
  • Creative low-cost rewards and incentives that motivate employees to give it their all
  • Active listening techniques: why truly listening to an employee is the highest compliment you can pay
  • Keys to making every employee on your team feel important and valued by the organization
  • How to tap into your imagination to open up a world of unexplored solutions to your tough leadership problems
  • Are your people stuck in “thinking ruts?” Fun, outside-the-lines mental exercises guaranteed to reignite enthusiasm

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Anatomy of a Bad Attitude: How to Turn Negative Employees Into Positive Contributors

  • Understanding the underlying major causes of bad attitudes: Common traits of negative employees
  • Is your department riddled with bad attitudes? See how it stacks up against the 10 characteristics of negativity-plagued work units
  • Your role as a manager in the employee attitude transformation process
  • Techniques for dealing proactively with specific problem personalities: chronic complainers, know-it-alls, the terminally unenthused, rule- breakers, excuse-makers and more
  • Should you intervene when coworkers bicker or have personality clashes, and if so, how?
  • Are you part of the problem? How your management style may be contributing to bad attitudes

The Leader’s Role in Embracing Change – And Overcoming Resistance

  • Understanding why people often instinctively resist change – and why organizational change often fails
  • Keys to introducing change in a way that employees will embrace
  • Tips for coaxing your employees past “the way we’ve always done it” and into exploring new ideas, procedures and ways of conducting business
  • How to project confidence that inspires your people during change or transition
  • What you must do as a leader when your people flatly refuse to embrace critical changes
  • When change is major: keeping your team strong through reorganizations, layoffs and business downturns

Keeping the Atmosphere Positive, Upbeat and Productive: It’s Up to YOU!

  • Mutual respect and trust: Building the two key elements for a positive work environment
  • Smile-making tips for setting an upbeat tone day-to-day
  • Be a good role model! Understanding how your attitude and behavior influences everyone in your department
  • Communication essentials for fostering positive, supportive dialog
  • Are you guilty? Top 10 morale-busting management mistakes – and how to avoid them
  • Your Action Plan: A step-by-step guide to creating a company-wide “anti-negativity” campaign spearheaded by your department
    or team

Continuing Education:
Continuing education credits may be recognized by your professional board. Contact your own board to find out what's required.

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