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Managing Projects, Priorities & Deadlines

No matter what your job is, you canít get it done without project management skills.

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Program Description

Master Effective Project Management Techniques & Take Control
of Your Heavy Workload

In today’s world, resources are limited or practically non-existent. . . deadlines streak towards you like a comet . . . and getting cooperation from other overworked coworkers is a dicey proposition at best.

That’s why we’re introducing Managing Projects, Priorities and Deadlines, a skill-packed workshop designed to give you the project management know-how you need to succeed. Once you’re through with this exciting one-day seminar, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to tackle any project – no matter what the size or scope.

With this intensive day of training, you’ll be able to …

  • Control your projects and not let them control you
  • Organize and prioritize your projects from the smallest detail to the
    grandest scope
  • Establish leadership tools that make you a superstar project manager
  • Learn stress-busting strategies that’ll keep you fresh and productive
  • Persuade others to give you everything you need to complete your projects
  • Earn praise from your superiors as someone who can get things done!

Get expert insight into powerful project management skills.

Like most professionals in today’s business environment, you’re being asked to do the jobs of two, three ... maybe four or more people. Multiple responsibilities and competing priorities are now the norm. If you don’t have keen project management skills, you’ll find yourself working ten times harder to keep your head above water. And that leaves you stressed out and less productive.

You’ll learn techniques that are uniquely adaptable to complete your most challenging assignments: from mundane daily tasks that are critical to the smooth operation of your business to monumental projects that can take up weeks, months – or more!

Do you delegate too much? Not enough? Do distractions get you side-tracked? Maybe you get pressured into letting others to dictate how your project is run. When you attend this eye-opening event, you’ll find out exactly what you need to grease the wheels on all of your projects.

Reap the rewards – and the praise – that come with effective project management skills.

Whether you’re out to make a name for yourself in your company ... or you JUST want to get your work done faster, easier and with fewer headaches ... these skills are must-haves for any professional. Don’t wait and fall behind even farther in your projects. Enroll for this power-packed training event right now!

What You’ll Learn

Attend this one-day event and gain the project management skills that will let you …

  1. Easily handle multiple projects of all sizes and scope with equal assurance
  2. Overcome the problems that accompany every project at start-up
  3. Persuade higher-ups to give you the necessary resources you need to complete your project
  4. Deliver consistent quality time and time again no matter how many projects you’re juggling at one time
  5. Control unexpected demands and changing project goals with ease
  6. Confidently work with others to get outstanding cooperation and results
  7. Strengthen your working relationships with key project partners, vendors, coworkers, bosses and more
  8. Maintain a high level of personal motivation when the pressure intensifies
  9. Organize your workload for your “regular” work so you have more time for important projects
  10. Bargain effectively for better deadlines when you have conflicting schedules
  11. Spot the hidden shortcuts in every project without compromising quality
  12. And most importantly ...
    Enjoy your job, get more done and stress so much less.

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Workshop Agenda

The first step: Get yourself organized

  • When a “to-do” list just won’t “do” – the S.M.A.R.T. way to set project goals
  • 6 steps for seizing control of runaway phone calls and interruptions
  • How to leverage your time by creating your “Personal Project Plan”
  • The #1 way top project managers keep track of where all their time goes
  • The Top 10 time wasters and how to avoid them
  • How to streamline your paperwork and not get buried under the paper blizzard
  • How to “chunk” your other non-project work to make it more manageable
  • Adaptable personal filing systems that really work

Setting and planning your schedule: Time is your friend

  • 7 ways to create positive habits even if you’ve been a lifelong procrastinator
  • The 5 secrets to time management that experts swear by
  • How to set up and lead effective project meetings that will make you a hero to everyone involved
  • Slash the time you spend in meetings and make the ones you do go to more productive
  • Getting it all done on time when “Urgent” and “ASAP” are all you see
  • Expert insight into beating the “late-night- stuck-in-the-office-working” blues

Determining priorities when you’ve got lots of competition

  • The secrets to prioritizing projects from multiple bosses when they all want it yesterday
  • Keeping your eye on the prize: 4 quick steps to organizing projects of all sizes
  • How to make sure small assignments don’t get swallowed up by monster projects
  • 4 proven and practical goal-setting strategies that work for small or large projects
  • 3 unproductive behaviors that will scuttle your project before it ever gets off the ground
  • When you just can’t take on another job: The joy of saying “No” without guilt
  • How to negotiate alternative timelines when two or more deadlines conflict

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Organizing and prioritizing your projects

  • The first three questions out of your mouth when you’re assigned a project
  • How to fight “Paralysis by Analysis” and other productivity killers
  • When you need to build “screw-up” time into your project timeline
  • Determining what parts of your project can be delegated and what parts you need to hold onto with BOTH hands
  • How to ask for more resources – and GET them!
  • How and when to give effective progress reports to your superiors and keep them from looking over your shoulder
  • Identifying and defusing hidden “time bombs” that lie in wait in EVERY project
  • How to mentally get over the delegation hurdle when you’ve always done it yourself

Managing the human side of projects

  • Crystal-clear communication techniques that leave no room for misunderstandings
  • How to pick-up a valued team member when they’re having problems finishing work
  • How to delegate work without coming across as a tyrant
  • Active listening tips that will negate 98% of all misunderstandings
  • How to ensure face-to-face time in an age of e-mail communicating
  • Meshing the Type A’s with the Type B’s: A guide to cohesive project teams
  • Making “your” priorities into “their” priorities when dealing with coworkers and bosses

Controlling and utilizing stress in a positive way

  • How to avoid “burnout” from the constant grind
  • 10 signs that you’re feeling the effects of too much stress
  • Sure-fire relaxation techniques that you can use anytime – even sitting behind your desk
  • A stress self-analysis that uncovers looming disasters
  • Maintaining a sense of humor that will get you and your group through the toughest of times
  • Are you unconsciously creating more stress for yourself? Find out here
  • How to foster a positive environment among your coworkers that builds morale

Bonus Section: Keeping your new-found skills sharp for a long time

  • Using your “Personal Project Action Plan” back on the job for ongoing reference that will keep your current projects and all your future ones on track and on time
  • Reinforcement exercises that will keep your new project management skills razor sharp
  • How to diplomatically share what you’ve learned with others without stepping on toes

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

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8:30 a.m.

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