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Course Description

Essentials of Wireless Networking
How to Plan, Establish, and Troubleshoot a Secure Wireless Network

Program Description: Master essential skills you need to plan, implement, and secure a high performance wireless network

Ever worry that the wireless revolution is passing you by? Or that your organization’s hard-wired system is becoming more obsolete by the nanosecond, and it’s going to cost a bundle to play catch-up? Feel like you’re on the outside looking in as every other business on the planet goes wireless – while yours is still chained to cables?

Get up to speed fast on wireless networking in just 2 information-packed days
You can’t afford to miss Essentials of Wireless Networking. This intensive two-day training event really delivers the goods on wireless networking, and it’s guaranteed to get you up to speed in no time on how to create, secure, and extend your wireless network – and get the biggest bang for your organization’s IT buck while you’re at it.

Design your network for cost efficiency and hassle-free administration
Talk about comprehensive! We’ll take a look at all the options available in wireless technology today. You’ll learn everything from how to make a quick connection to how to create a full-blown wireless system designed for hassle-free set up and maximum performance. Connecting “home gateway” style, implementing file-sharing capabilities, establishing a wireless print server, data compatibility, security issues, resource management … you’ll find it all here.

In short, you’ll learn how to plan, build, configure, troubleshoot, and administer your wireless network – and keep your valuable digital data secure.

Learn crucial security strategies to protect your company’s data
Security is a huge issue in any network, and risks skyrocket with the “open” nature of a wireless system. But believe this: Security is achievable in a wireless network, and we’ll show you step-by-step exactly what it takes to protect your organization’s data from the nightmare of security threats.

Enroll now for a fast, easy way to learn the basics of wireless networking
With more than 200 million wireless users (and counting) around the world, the future of IT is cable-free. If you’re not up to speed on wireless networking, you’ll be left behind in the rush to go wireless. And the fastest, easiest and most economical way to get the essential skills and know-how you need is to attend Essentials of Wireless Networking.

As you can imagine, this program is in high demand – and with the knowledge on wireless networking you’ll gain when you attend, you’ll be in high demand, too!

Get OBJECTIVE information from our vendor-neutral training

If you’ve checked out wireless networking training, you’ve probably noticed most programs are offered by companies that sell wireless networking equipment.

That’s why it’s important you know that CompEd Solutions is an IT training organization. We don’t sell IT or wireless networking equipment. So you’ll get objective information that is not influenced by a wireless communications vendor trying to sell you something.

What You'll Learn:

Get answers for ALL your questions - from an expert on wireless networking

  1. What issues should I consider in determining whether wireless connectivity is right for our organization?
  2. 802.11? 802.11b? 802.11g? 2.4GHz? What’s it all mean?
  3. In planning our wireless set up, what can we do now that will save time and money later?
  4. What are best practices for protecting our data from security nightmares?
  5. What can I do to make our wireless network run faster?
  6. How can the wizards help install and control our wireless network?
  7. What gremlins lurk in the wireless Ethernet – and what troubleshooting tips can I use to eliminate them?
  8. What issues should I consider in choosing a firewall for our wireless network?
  9. What compatibility issues do I need to know about when setting up our wireless network?
  10. How can I set up a wireless network manually?
  11. Is there a hassle-free way to connect printers to our network wirelessly?
  12. How can I get the most bang for our buck when sharing files and printers?
  13. What is the maximum range I can expect from our network?
  14. What is Bluetooth and how can I make it work for me?
  15. What are the considerations for computer-to-computer networking?
  16. How do I configure a host and client PC so that they can share information?
  17. What’s the best way to integrate hard-wired and wireless networks?
  18. Which encryption methods are best?
  19. How do I create a wireless bridge?
  20. What do I need to know about the “standards” of wireless networking?
  21. How do I enable Internet sharing between two or more computers for maximum online accessibility?
  22. What does the future hold for wireless networking?
Who Should Attend?
  • Network administrators
  • Systems administrators
  • LAN/WAN administrators
  • IT security managers and directors
  • IT managers
  • Chief technology officers
  • Infrastructure designers
  • Telecom managers
  • Decision makers
Workshop Agenda:


I. Networking 101: Must-Have Skills to Get You Started

  • Understanding networks, including uses, devices, and protocols
  • What you must know about the old “hard wire” network systems to carry into your new wireless world
  • 802.11? 802.11b? 802.11g? 2.4GHz? A list of terminology and what it all means
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of wireless connectivity
  • What you need to know about the “standards” of wireless networking
II. Hassle-Free Strategies for Setting Up Wireless Networking Hardware
  • A hardware overview that you will be grateful for!
  • How wizards can help install and control your wireless network
  • Best changeover strategy: one PC at a time, or all at once?
  • Planning steps for setting up a wireless network for maximum performance
  • Sharing files and printers to get the most bang for your hardware buck
  • What do you need to keep hard-wired?
  • The best way to know which networks are available and which ones are best to use
III. Configuring and Extending Your Network for Maximum Speed and Performance
  • What is the maximum range you can expect from your network?
  • How fast can a wireless network run? How to make yours hum
  • A quick look at devices you’ll connect to your network in the future
  • How to extend your network to make it even more productive
  • Bluetooth: what it is and how to make it work for you
IV. Resolving Networking Issues Quickly and Efficiently
  • Computer-to-computer networking considerations
  • How to configure a host and client PC to share information (while still keeping your sanity)
  • Creating a wireless bridge correctly
  • Enabling Internet sharing between two or more computers for maximum online accessibility
DAY TWO: V. How to Troubleshoot Even the Toughest Wireless Networking Issues
  • Computer-to-computer troubleshooting issues
  • The difference between computer-to-computer and infrastructure networks
  • A must-see troubleshooting overview that will save you hours of wait time and keep the repair person away
  • How to find the networking gremlins and how to run them out of your system
VI. Increasing Your Wireless Network’s Productivity and Connectivity
  • How to use your new wireless networking capabilities for optimal productivity
  • Five critical “placement point” tips to assure that you get maximum connectivity
  • How to administer a wireless network — correctly and virtually hassle-free
  • Telecommuters: how to keep them connected and productive at home and on the road
VII. Protecting Your Organization’s Valuable Data From Security Threats
  • Which encryption methods are best? You’ll be grateful you found out
  • Virus/Trojan/Worm protection – how to be certain you are safe!
  • What security nightmares await and how you can protect your organization from them
  • How to install a firewall that will keep your data safe
  • A look at threats to digital data, and how to protect yours
VIII. What You Need to Know About Printers and Other Devices – and the Future of Wireless Networking
  • How to establish a wireless print server and control print jobs
  • Establishing remote printer connections that are painless to use
  • The key skill you need for present and future network expandability
  • How to “sync up” your life for maximum productivity in the wireless world
  • An overview of wireless devices on the horizon
  • A quick look at the future of wireless networking

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