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Course Description

Advanced Strategies in Instructional Design: 2 Day

Discover how to apply a systematic development approach to instructional design – for training that successfully transfers knowledge and skills from the classroom to the job for sustained performance improvement.

Program Description

Improve your instructional design skills – and you’ll improve your training results!

As a professional charged with creating training programs, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to develop training that transfers successfully from the classroom to the job – training that yields measurable, sustainable bottom-line results. But now, there’s a solution to all your Instructional Design challenges: an intensive, new 2-day workshop, Advanced Strategies in Instructional Design.

Learn how to apply a systematic development approach to ISD
This comprehensive program covers all aspects of the ISD process, from needs assessment through evaluation. We’ll go far beyond “scratching the surface” of course development and design, with emphasis on in-depth analysis, multiformat design and structure, and advanced design techniques. The focus is a systematic approach to developing training programs that will not only simplify and accelerate the process, but will increase learner participation, improve retention, and successfully transfer skills for a better ROI.

Improved instructional design means improved training results!
In addition, you’ll find out how to maximize the effectiveness of your courses by building in advanced instructional design techniques and principles of the adult learning process. You’ll also gain dozens of innovative methods and creative strategies you can use to make your programs more lively, interactive, and user-friendly for learners.

Train with a foremost authority on instructional design: Dr. Fred Kniggendorf
Advanced Strategies in Instructional Design offers you the rare opportunity to learn with one of America’s most highly respected authorities on ISD, Dr. Fred C. Kniggendorf. With 20 years of course design expertise to his credit, he has served as a director of program development for a top national provider of seminar training. Now a sought-after speaker on advanced instructional design, his client list ranges from the United Nations to the National Football League to Yankee Candles.

RUCEC – The Leading Provider of Training Programs
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Attend this intensive course and you’ll learn how to …

Conference Agenda

Proper groundwork sets the stage for training success

  • Recognize why solid, creative instructional design is so important to training success
  • Make assessment a snap -- and more cost-effective – with a Needs Analysis blueprint
  • Design a questionnaire that measures both tangible and intangible training needs
  • How to’s for conducting interviews and collecting other forms of data
  • Effective methods for accurately identifying key job responsibilities and performance gaps
  • To train or not to train? Using different types of data to decide
  • The importance of aligning training goals with organizational objectives
  • Perform a cost analysis to prove the value of training vs. not training
  • Tips for marketing your training program internally
Best practices for determining course content and design strategy
  • Use principals of the adult learning process to improve your training design
  • Advanced instructional design components that must be included for training to be effective
  • How to determine which design strategy will best meet your training needs
  • How to identify and overcome constraints and restrictions on design
  • Learner analysis, task analysis, and concept analysis: when to use which to determine training content
  • Incorporate core competencies into your training objectives and design
  • Transform results from your needs, task, and learner analysis into content
  • Prevent information overload by prioritizing and weighing content for flow and structure
  • Use design documents and content maps to structure your design process
  • Utilize storyboards to sequence content and design interactivity into training
  • How to “re-purpose” existing content and save your training dollars
  • Keys to working successfully with SMEs to develop technical content
  • Tips for writing training materials that target every type of learner
  • Incorporate roleplays, case studies, games, practice exercise, and other activities into the training design
Master design tips and techniques for Asynchronous Training
  • Pros and cons of CBT and Web- based learning -- and how to justify costs
  • Basic elements of effective CBT and Web-based training
  • Use design principles to impact perception, comprehension, retention, and transfer of learning
  • Open or closed navigational design? Determining when to use each
  • Employ themes and framework structure to enhance training effectiveness
  • Objective-based writing strategies that actively involve learners
  • Tips for avoiding common pitfalls of CBT
  • The key to adapting ILT to CBT and Web-based training
Increase training effectiveness with advanced instructional methods and techniques
  • Which instructional method works best for your training needs? How to decide
  • Alternate instructional and delivery formats to enhance learner attention and retention
  • Cost-effective ways to incorporate multimedia into training design to boost the “wow” factor
  • Tips for designing training with reluctant or difficult learners in mind
  • Build in review and reflection activities that help ensure skill transfer
  • Develop memorable stories, analogies and anecdotes that have immediate application
  • Create a solid bridge between course content and learner application
  • Understand why situated learning strategies are so important
  • Strategies for keeping learning going after the training is over
Proven strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of training
  • Best practices for evaluating training effectiveness
  • Exploring evaluation tools to determine which will work best for your needs
  • How to’s for designing evaluation instruments and surveys
  • Evaluation tools for measuring the success of asynchronous training
  • The secret to maintaining the integrity of evaluation data during collection
  • Evaluate learner transfer of training, direct application, and skill development
  • How to measure intangible training results
  • Was the training successful for the learner? Course designer? Instructor? Management?
  • Communicate training results by writing an evaluation report
  • Apply evaluation results to modify and improve training design
Meet Your Trainer
Your trainer will be one of the following experts in this field

Dr. Fred C. Kniggendorf

Dr. Fred C. Kniggendorf is considered one of the country’s foremost authorities on advanced instructional design, with two decades of program development expertise to his credit.

Kniggendorf has experienced instructional design from all perspectives: as a program developer, designing, field testing, and revising seminar topics for domestic and international markets; as a director of program development for a top national training provider, overseeing ongoing direction of new and existing seminar design and delivery; and as a highly respected trainer and keynote speaker, traveling across the country to share his knowledge and help other professionals design more effective training.

His impressive client list is a Who’s Who of business and organizational success and includes the United Nations, the National Football League, Johns Hopkins University, National Public Radio, World Bank, Best Buy, McGraw Hill, the U.S. Marine Corps, MGM Studios, General Motors, Yellow Freight and the CIA. His favorite training topics include advanced instructional design and train-the-trainer.

Kniggendorf’s extensive education includes a B.S. in English and Speech Communications from Indiana State University, an M.A. in English from Purdue University, an M.A. in Philosophy and Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. He is a former writing instructor at the university level. His is an active member of the Charles F. Menninger Society, American Mensa, Ltd., and the International Who’s Who of Professionals as well as the author of “The Business Training Approach to Adult Learning.”

As a trainer, Kniggendorf is known for his positive, proactive approach. You’ll leave his workshop with a plan of action, recognizing barriers to the effectiveness of your instructional design and having the tools you need to remove those barriers – for measurable, sustainable training results every time.

*We reserve the right to substitute a trainer of equal quality.

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

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9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration begins at
8:30 a.m.

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