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Course Description

How To Develop Execute and Analyze Surveys & Questionnaires-2 Day Workshop
Create effective surveys and questionnaires that provide the answers you need to make better decisions!

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    Program Description

    How To Ask The Right People The Right Questions - And Get The Answers You Need Every Time

    In a highly competitive climate, one wrong decision can have disastrous effects on your career. You need to be absolutely 100% sure that the choices you make are based on sound data and facts, and NOT conjecture.

    Successful companies everywhere are discovering that the easiest, most cost-effective and accurate way to obtain this vital information is through the use of highly targeted questionnaires and surveys that provide laser-like precision in getting the right information into your hands when you need it.

    That’s why we’ve introduced this exciting two-day training event, How To Develop, Execute and Analyze Surveys and Questionnaires, to help success-minded business professionals, just like yourself, gain another tool to create better products, stronger business plans and be more responsive to your customers’ needs.

    Jim will systematically take you through all you need to know to conduct a survey and evaluate its results. He’ll demystify the process and provide you with a clearer understanding of how effective surveys work. By the time Jim is finished, you’ll look forward to the most interesting part of giving a survey – the results!

    Whether you’ve been using surveys for years and want to make them more effective – or you’ve never used them before and want to learn how simple it is to uncover the information you need, you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind training event.

    Even those maverick, self-made billionaires who crow about making business decisions “from their gut” never make a move without the kind of data that comes from tools like surveys and questionnaires. Now you and your company can benefit from knowing exactly what your customers want. The survey know-how that you need to make it all happen is just one phone call or mouse click away. Register today for this exciting event and you’ll never be left guessing again.

    Attend this Intensive Course and You’ll Learn How to …

    • Make your research efforts much more effective
    • Identify clear goals for your survey before you start
    • Determine the optimal situations in which a survey will help you
    • Gain maximum ROI through your distribution methods
    • Target your survey audience better so you don’t waste your time – or theirs
    • Code your surveys and statistics to make interpretation quicker, easier and more accurate
    • Decide whether it’s cost-effective to do the surveys yourself – or outsource them to a third party
    • Develop an immediate action plan for when the results of your survey are in – and they’re not at all what you expected
    • Achieve a competitive edge over your competition by giving your customers what they want
    • Recognize vague and misleading questions that will adversely skew your results every time
    Conference Agenda

    I. Utilizing Today’s Most Underappreciated Marketing Tool

    • Determining the practicality of surveys and questionnaires for your business
    • Picking what kind of survey will best suit your needs (phone, e-mail, web, direct mail, etc.)
    • Qualitative vs. quantitative surveys – what the difference means to you
    • 10 types of common errors to avoid for an effective study design
    II. Creating More Profitable Business Plans With Surveys
    • Outsourcing or in-house: Who can handle your survey needs the best?
    • Planning the focus of your survey – what do you want to know?
    • Pretest methods that will red flag questions or design errors
    • Time and cost considerations that every survey or questionnaire project must answer
    III. Expert Insight Into Sampling For Better Results
    • What sampling is and why it’s important to the success of your project
    • The intrinsic value of sampling in helping you determine the population of your survey
    • The 4 factors of effective sampling size
    • Quick and easy sampling formulas you can use for reporting data in different ways
    IV. Designing Foolproof Questions
    • Safeguarding the validity of your survey questions
    • The Top 5 mistakes that will make your questions ambiguous and vague
    • How to avoid leading questions that takes your data where you want it to go instead of where your business needs to go
    • When you can use open-ended questions – and when you can’t
    • Determining the best number of response categories for each question you ask
    V. Special Section: Formatting Issues You Can’t Afford To Ignore
    • How to transfer quality surveys from one medium to the next and still get the same information
    • How to ensure your Web survey can be read by everyone with a computer
    • Constructing a common interview form that is easily read and understood
    • Scaling limitations and how they’ll affect the formatting of your surveys and questionnaires
    VI. Coding And Pre-Planning Your Survey For Better Analysis Afterwards
    • Quick ways to ensure the answers you receive are the correct ones
    • The Surveyor’s Dilemma: Do you throw out incomplete answers? Our answer may surprise you!
    • Editing your survey results
    • The easiest ways to code your questionnaire
    VII. Maximize Your Survey’s Response
    • Benchmarks for bad, average or great response rates and how your percentages rank
    • 5 methods for increasing your current response rates by 70 or 80%
    • Can a little thing like the ink color you use on a survey make that big of a difference in your response rate? Find out here
    • Foolproof timelines for following up with your surveys that could double your response rates
    VIII. Accurately Analyzing Your Results
    • A plain-English look at the fundamentals of statistical research that takes the fear out of crunching numbers for even the most numerically-challenged
    • What kind of analysis will work best for your situation and when you should use it
    • How and when to use chi square, Spearman rank order, Difference of Means and other statistical significance tests
    • How nominal, ordinal or interval data relates to your data (and why you should care!)
    IX. Presenting Your Results To Get The Decisions You Want
    • Turning your data into a report that anyone can read – and understand
    • Attention-grabbing graphics, tables and graphs that add power to your presentation
    • 5 things you must include in every report – and some things you can leave out
    • Off-the-cuff public speaking tips that even the most tongue-tied stat geek can use to become a smooth talker
    BONUS: Software Solutions That Will Make Your Job Easier
    An objective look at various statistical software options to help you gather, analyze and interpret mountains of data and turn it into usable solutions. Also includes an analysis of e-mail and Web survey software.

    Meet Your Trainer
    Your trainer will be one of the following experts in this field

    Dr. James Merrill
    Learn how to design, develop and execute surveys and questionnaires that get straight to the heart of what you want to know!

    One of the country’s most brilliant analysts, Dr. Merrill has the experience and the know-how to answer all of your tough survey questions!

    As the founder of one of the country’s most respected market research firms, Dr. James Merrill has spent the last two decades showing everyone from Fortune 500 companies to start-up businesses how they can make the best and most informed business decisions. By quickly and easily using surveys and questionnaires rooted in fundamentally sound research-gathering criteria, his clients are able to gather key data and information from customers, vendors or even company employees.

    Dr. Merrill’s list of clients through his company, Applied Market Research, reads like a veritable “Who’s Who” of international corporations. Companies such as Sprint, American Honda Motor Company, Isuzu, Lexus, Toyota, American Express, H & R Block, Countrywide Financial and more have looked to Dr. Merrill for help when they need to know exactly what their customers want. But despite Dr. Merrill’s outstanding academic background, don’t expect a boring lecture when you attend one of his training events. Instead, prepare to be mesmerized by the smooth speaking style, the light-hearted teaching acumen and the absolute passion for the subject matter that only Dr. Merrill can bring. He makes the complex and sometimes confusing world of research and statistics simple and easily understandable for audiences all over the world.

    The result is that you’ll leave this powerful training event with a clearer understanding of how a well-crafted survey or questionnaire can help your business. Sign up for this unique learning event right away!

    *We reserve the right to substitute a trainer of equal quality.

    We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

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