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Assertive Communication - Essential Skills for Successful Women
Break through communication stereotypes ... Learn how assertiveness works FOR YOU!

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    Program Description:

    Program Description: "Iím just not the assertive type. Itís just the way I am." This tired excuse is just a tired excuse. Your personality is not to blame for your inability to get the respect you deserve. Women notoriously put the needs of others ahead of their own needs Ö often to the point of being taken for granted and being invisible.

    Assertiveness is having the self-confidence to be yourself.
    Assertiveness training for women is about valuing others and treating them fairly, hearing their opinions and sharing your own. Todayís dynamic business world presents immense opportunities, IF you know how to take advantage of them. Assertiveness essentials give you the foundation to calm down, stand up, and speak out.

    Discover practical techniques that work for you and your unique situation.
    This is not a "one size fits all" workshop. Itís an information extravaganza! In just one day, youíll be armed with specific tips, tricks, and techniques. Youíll be able to incorporate this training easily into the rest of your life. This workshop will help you do just that.

    Donít you deserve to get the results you want out of your career and personal life? Youíre a role model, not just at work but at home. People who have mastered the skill of assertiveness are able to greatly reduce the level of interpersonal conflict in their lives, thereby reducing a major source of stress. This program will help you enjoy life more. Youíll learn how to deal with conflict and difficult people Ö whether theyíre coworkers, supervisors, family, or friends.

    A unique approach you can trust Ö developed for women by women.
    Put your fears of criticism and rejection aside Ö or better yet, bring them and share them in the workshop. Thereís nothing we canít tackle together. Ask your questions. Hundreds of women just like you are a testimony to our success.

    Make this bold step today ... itís just the first of many to come.
    Still unsure? Canít decide? Thatís usually a strong indication of how much you need this incredible workshop. Itís true Ė when you leave, you wonít be the same woman who signed up. Youíll be on the road to greater confidence, less stress, and more honesty. All you have to lose is insecurity.

    What You Will Learn

    The REWARDS of attending this revolutionary one-day workshop are endless! Youíll learn to Ö

    • Rethink outdated stereotypes about how women "should" be to get what they want
    • Redefine conflict as opportunity, rather than agony
    • Rebuild your confidence and credibility at work and at home
    • Restore your ability to communicate with clarity and composure
    • Reward yourself, your coworkers, your family and friends when you become the confident, decisive woman you were meant to be
    Who Should Attend

    Not sure if you really need this program? Find out here!
    Review these scenarios from the lives of real women. Put a check mark by the ones you recognize and relate to.

    • Youíve left a meeting silently fuming that you didnít speak up
    • After a confrontation with a pushy and overbearing colleague, you come up with the "perfect" response Ö too late
    • You knew you were right, but you backed down under pressure
    • Instead of expressing yourself calmly and rationally, you burst into embarrassing tears
    • A colleague takes credit for your great idea Ö and frustrated, you let it go
    • Youíve let resentment build and youíve just blown up Ö often at the wrong people
    • You work in a male-dominated environment, and your voice is often lost in the crowd
    • Saying yes to extra time-consuming requests is a habit you canít break Ö "no" just isnít in your vocabulary
    • Youíve accepted unfair criticism without a word
    • Youíre afraid to speak up because someone might disagree or your idea might be rejected
    • You avoid confrontation at all costs
    • You feel powerless, like your opinions donít really matter

    If even one or two situations seem familiar, youíll benefit from the real-world assertiveness techniques featured in this groundbreaking program.

    This isnít "fast food" advice or "bumper sticker" motivation. You get practical, well-researched techniques to help you become more confident for good, not just for one or two days. You wonít be asked to remake yourself Ö just rediscover the person you were meant to be. Donít wait! Sign up today!

    Workshop Agenda:

    Laying the Groundwork for Becoming an Assertive Communicator

    • Hear why more than ever, assertiveness is vital in todayís diverse and dynamic workplace, especially for women
    • Whatís your communication style? Build on your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses
    • Donít let them scare you Ö learn the vital differences between how men and women communicate
    • Explore your personal pattern of communication behavior: In what situations are you likely to be assertive? passive? aggressive?
    • Recognize communication habits that are self-sabotaging and hold women back
    • Stop confusing assertiveness with aggressiveness Ö overcome your irrational fears
    Understanding the Essentials to Assertiveness
    • Assertive, passive, aggressive: How to distinguish among them
    • Persuasion guidelines ... make your point and get support and buy-in
    • How to speak your mind or ask for what you want without seeming pushy
    • The importance of "I" statements
    • Giving the three-line assertion message
    • Techniques for assertive communication: Broken record, fogging, workable compromise, and more!
    Polishing Your Unspoken Message: Body Language and Active Listening
    • Characteristics of assertive body language and how to use them to your advantage
    • Stop sabotaging what you say with inappropriate body language
    • How to appear poised and confident even when youíre not
    • "Listen" for nonverbal messages to hear what people are really saying
    • The basics of active and reflective listening and how they will make you more effective
    • How listening can help you tailor a more effective response
    Dealing With Difficult Situations, Difficult People, and Conflict
    • Tips for saying "no" or refusing a request without feeling guilty
    • How to respond to passive or aggressive communication with diplomacy and tact in order to get the results you need
    • Recognize when people are trying to manipulate you and know effective tactics you can use to stop them
    • How to survive Ė even thrive Ė in a predominantly male environment
    • Face confrontation head-on and communicate professionally
    • Effective responses for disarming disagreeable people, bullies, tantrum throwers, and whiners
    • Mars and Venus in conflict: How each gender handles conflict differently Ė and how to use it to your advantage
    • Tips for remaining calm and in control when on the verge of tears or a shouting match
    Communicating Assertively to Persuade and Negotiate
    • Say it with style: A concise, step-by-step method of persuasion
    • Tips for presenting your point of view in a way that will generate respect
    • The importance of working toward a win-win agreement instead of a win-lose "victory"
    • Negotiation strategies the pros rely on for success
    • Understanding your options when they just wonít see things your way
    Excelling in Meetings and in Front of Groups
    • Making a dynamic impression that builds your credibility
    • How to get a word in edgewise when everyone else is talking fast and loud
    • What to do when someone interrupts you
    • 5 tips for communicating like a pro in meetings
    • Keys to making impromptu comments and answering difficult questions
    • How to get your foot out of your mouth when youíve made a statement you regret

    We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

    Program Hours:
    9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration begins at
    8:30 a.m.

    Group Discount: When 3 enroll from your organization, a 4th attends FREE!

    Lunch is on your own.

    Continuing Education:
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