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Course Description

The Supervisorís Role as Trainer & Coach

Learn how the right training and coaching from you can send your teamís productivity through the roof!

Program Description:

Training and coaching are some of the most important roles you perform as a supervisor.

Superior knowledge and experience donít always translate into the ability to teach others. And though the role of trainer is one of the most important duties you fill as a supervisor, thereís a good chance youíve never had any training in it. Itís perfectly normal Ė despite being a crucial part of your job, a managerís role as teacher is often overlooked.

And thatís exactly why you need The Supervisorís Role as Trainer & Coach. This fun and informative one-day seminar is jam-packed with proven strategies and expert techniques to help you train your staff more effectively, improving their efficiency and making you a better overall manager.

Get the most out of your staff with expert training strategies.

People learn in different ways Ė what works for some will have no effect at all on others. And that creates a problem for you when it comes to training them. But youíve got a ton of great experience to share Ė it would be a shame not to utilize that knowledge. Thatís where The Supervisorís Role as Trainer & Coach comes in. Sign up for this training and youíll learn how to:

Effective training + good coaching = a more effective staff

Itís a simple formula: A well-educated staff is a good staff. And the key to a well-educated staff is good training and coaching from management. But too often good supervisors overlook this vital part of their job and leave their staff to their own devices, struggling to learn through trial and error. Not only is this a huge time-waster, but it also doesnít allow you to transfer knowledge youíve gained through experience.

And thatís exactly why you canít afford to miss The Supervisorís Role as Trainer & Coach. This fun and entertaining one-day seminar will give you the strategies you need to share your knowledge and experience with your staff, making them more effective right away. Donít wait, sign up now!

What You'll Learn

  • Identify what type of training an employee needs
  • Prepare yourself to be a great trainer Ė even if youíve never trained before
  • Understand how different people learn and find the best teaching method for each one
  • Decide when you should train your staff and when itís OK to delegate that responsibility
  • Foster a culture of learning to keep key personnel growing and improving
  • Identify and address areas that need improvement
  • And more!
Workshop Agenda

The Supervisorís Role as Teacher

  • The most common teaching mistakes most supervisors are making today!
  • Does your on-the-job training feel like discipline or helpful learning? How to recognize the difference
  • Have you been crystal clear or clear as mud? Top techniques for improving clarity
  • How do you know that your employees understand what youíve taught them?
  • Training reinforcement: how much is too much? How little is too little?
The Fundamentals of Training
  • The role of training Ė how improved skills on your part lead to improved performance from your employees
  • Spotting areas of weakness in your staff Ė and how to design training to address it
  • Common barriers to learning and how to get around them
  • Different learning styles and how to adjust your training to each person
  • 4 motivation killers to avoid at all costs
Training and Coaching 101: Your Role as a Supervisor
  • Why coaching is more important than ever in todayís diverse workplace
  • The role training plays as both a management skill and a management style
  • Sharing your experiences: how your successes and mistakes benefit your team
  • When to handle the training and when to delegate it to someone else
  • Seamlessly integrating tutoring into your current management style
Providing Effective Feedback
  • The real purpose of feedback: helping your staff understand where they stand in relation to expected results
  • Getting your point across: sharing information and observations in a way that will get results
  • 5 strategies for criticizing in a constructive, rather than destructive, manner
  • How to gently criticize sensitive or easily discouraged team members
Engaging Your Staff Ė Keeping Them Interested and Motivated During Training
  • Building emotional connections between your employees and training opportunities
  • Finding personal motivators: 5 tips for engaging less than-enthusiastic employees
  • 3 tips for improving employee buy-in
  • Creating tangible and measurable rewards for training and coaching
Encouraging Continuing Learning and Skill Development
  • 3 ways to make sure your staff understands not just the how but the why of continuing education
  • How-tos for setting clear learning objectives
  • Measuring skill development in your staff
  • Encouraging an environment of continued learning and improvement
Dealing With Reluctant Learners
  • Expert strategies for overcoming reluctant learners
  • 4 ways to deal with a know-it-all
  • Redirecting the attention of participants who are daydreaming
  • How to establish and maintain control of a coaching session

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