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Seminar No: 01267 -XNBB
CEU Credits: 1.8
Length: 3 days

Exporting can expand your markets in these trying times. Learn how to get your products to and from customers and suppliers on time and hassle-free.

Get your product safely to its destination and protect your company's investment. Learn how to deal successfully with banks, freight forwarders, customs brokers and foreign customers. And find out how to use the necessary documents to obtain the greatest cost benefit for your company and timely execution of your orders!

Export/import managers, traffic managers, shipping department personnel, international marketing managers, customer service staff, credit managers, controllers, purchasing managers and directors of procurement or logistics.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Discover the latest export and import guidelines and regulations
  • Get freight forwarders and bankers to work together to solve your logistics problems
  • Maximize the services of general and bonded warehouses
  • Avoid excessive duties by using foreign trade zones wherever and whenever possible
  • Avoid the pitfalls of improper documentation

What You Will Cover:

  • Shipping your product and ensuring its safe arrival
  • Documenting your shipment
  • Executing smooth entries
  • Complying with U.S. and Foreign Legal Requirements
  • Observing industry standards
  • Complying with NAFTA and other origin requirements, trademark and copyright regulations
  • Avoiding customs penalties
  • Getting help from freight forwarders and customs brokers
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships
  • Getting paid and making payments using letters of credit and documentary collections

Extended/Detailed Seminar Outline

The Building Blocks of Global Trade

  • Understand the Fundamental Knowledge Areas of International Trade
  • Give an Overview of the Risks Inherent to the Import/Export Field
  • Explain the Importance of Being Detail-Oriented and of Complying with Import/Export Regulations
  • Identify How Everything in Your Organization Is Connected When It Comes to Importing/Exporting
  • Evaluate How Trends in Third-Party Logistics Impact Your Decisions with Regard to How You Run Your Import/Export Operations
Developing a Global Strategy
  • Enumerate the Potential Benefits of Global Trade
  • Describe the Specific Reasons You Believe Your Company Should Be Involved in Global Trade
  • Develop a Global Operations Strategy
  • Ascertain Your Readiness to Trade by Evaluating Your Products' Viability in Foreign Markets
  • Apply a Domestic Market Analysis to Foreign Opportunities
  • Evaluate Senior Management’s Commitment to Global Expansion
  • Determine Your Company’s Readiness and Ability to Expand into Foreign Markets
Documentation, Taxes, and Terms of Sale
  • List the Five Primary Documents Required to Export and Import Goods
  • List the Two Factors Used to Determine Duties and Taxes on Your Goods
  • Identify the Steps in Your Organization for Determining Product Origin and the Correct HTSUS or Schedule B Number
  • Explain the Importance of Understanding and Controlling the Terms of Sale
  • Describe Specific Terms of Sale Situations That Could Increase Your Costs
Regulatory Compliance
  • Provide the Information Required to the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA)
  • Avoid "Red Flags" That Alert the BXA to Noncompliance
  • Develop a Checking Process
  • Comply with the Customs Modernization Act of 1995
  • Use Customs Brokers to Clear Your Imports through the Border
  • Select an Accounting Firm to Advise You Regarding Foreign Taxation
  • Identify Potential Service Providers
  • Understand and Apply a Variety of Steps for Determining Export Costs
  • Discuss Your Own Company’s Costing Practices
  • Make Better Decisions Regarding Transit Modes
Forwarder Selection and Management
  • Establish Specific Criteria to Use When Selecting a Forwarder
  • Select a Forwarder That Can Provide the Logistics Consulting You Need
  • Understand Pricing and Compare Forwarder Proposals
  • Identify Specific Value-added Services You Might Require
  • Set Performance Standards for Your Forwarder(s)
  • Control Costs by Using Consolidators
Customer Service
  • Obtain a Competitive Advantage through Timely Action and Genuine Communication
  • Respond Appropriately to Customers' Needs When Things Go Wrong
  • Adjust Your Service and Communication Approach to Different Cultures
  • Focus on Developing Personal Relationships with Clients
  • Manage Customer Relationships When Problems Arise
  • Set up Quality Control Procedures for Exports and Imports
Trade, Finance, Banking, and Letters of Credit
  • Make Sure You Get Paid
  • Weigh and Compare Your Banking and Finance Options
  • Minimize Collection Risk
  • Reduce Your Risk of Financial Loss by Using Insurance
  • Gather Credit Information on Foreign Buyers
  • Use and Manage Letters of Credit
Risk Management
  • Manage Political Risk
  • Insure against Risks of Various Types
  • Reduce the Costs of Insurance and Collection for Claims
  • Comply with New Policies in Order to Reduce the Risk of Damage to Shipments
Cargo Loss Control
  • Package Your Products to Properly Prevent Damage in Transit
  • Identify the Best Mode of Transit
  • Establish Management Policies and Packaging Guidelines
  • Manage Carrier Arrangements with Regard to: Environment the Shipment Passes through; Multiple Handling; Exposures to Theft and Pilferage; and Nuances of the Cargo
  • Access a Number of Sources to Locate Carriers That Meet Your Needs
Technology in Global Trade
  • Use Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Global Trade
  • Take the Pain out of International Trade Documentation
  • Research and Select EDI Services

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