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Seminar No: 02217 -XNBB
CEU Credits: 1.8
Length: 3 days

Learn techniques that will help you communicate, motivate and delegate with authority.

Gaining greater credibility. Handling tough people and situations with composure and confidence. Making a stronger impact on people. These are just some of the issues you’re likely to face as a new manager.

At thid powerful seminar you’ll practice assertive techniques that can help you in any situation...with your boss, colleagues, direct reports. You’ll know when to come on strong and when to compromise.

New managers and supervisors with three or less years of experience who want to build on their strengths and exert greater influence. This seminar will also beneficial for engineers, researchers and other specialists who are making the transition to management.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Stand up for yourself, your staff, and your goals—with new strength and confidence
  • Communicate with authority and impact
  • Motivate, delegate and manage more effectively
  • Say "no" assertively
  • Deal with anger and conflict, and keep your cool when the heat is on
  • Face tough people and tough situations with ease and confidence

What You Will Cover:

  • The difference between constructive assertiveness and destructive aggressiveness
  • Developing your ability to influence others
  • Active listening and responsiveness
  • Dealing with anger—your own and others'
  • Giving and receiving criticism

Extras From AMA!

  • Receive immediate feedback...find out how others see you. Then build on your the areas that need improvement...and do it all in a supportive environment, with expert coaching from your seminar leader.
  • A personal inventory of your assertiveness skills...come away with a profile of your management style. Learn tried-and-proven networking techniques. Find out how to win the support your job demands—and how to do it assertively!

    Extended/Detailed Seminar Outline

    Learning Objectives

    • Stand up for Yourself, Your Staff, and Your Goals-with New Strength and Confidence
    • Communicate with Authority and Impact
    • Motivate, Delegate, and Manage More Effectively
    • Say "No" Assertively
    • Get Colleagues and Management to Listen to Your Ideas and Win the Support You Need to Get the Job Done
    • Deal with Anger and Conflict, and Keep Your Cool When the Heat Is On
    • Face Tough People and Tough Situations with Ease and Confidence
    • Eliminate Confusion over "Who’s in Charge" and Persuade Others to Follow Your Lead
    • Build Your Image as a Strong, Fair-Minded Manager-Neither a "Pushover" Nor a "Steamroller"
    • Clarify Individual Expectations of the Course
    • Identify Risks and Benefits in Becoming Assertive
    • Develop an Introductory Concept of Feedback
    • Define Various Behavioral Terms
    • Identify Verbal and Nonverbal Components of Behavior
    • Identify Behavioral Style Profiles
    Power, Self-Esteem and Image
    • Explore the Relationship between Assertive Behavior, Personal Power, Self-Esteem, and Image
    • Analyze the Right to Be Assertive
    A Model for Assertive Communication
    • Define the Difference between "I" Messages vs. "You" Messages
    • Define the Concept of "Positive Intentionality"
    • Identify and Practice the AEIOU Formula for Assertive Communication
    Strategies for Resolving Differences
    • Define Five Methods of Responding to Criticism Assertively
    • Practice Responding to Manipulative Statements
    • Examine Various Responses Used in Handling Compliments
    • Probe Negotiation Techniques in Resolving Conflicts
    • Examine and Appropriately Respond to the Emotion of Anger
    • Explore Five Styles of Assertion
    • Learn How to Say "No" Assertively
    Listening Skills
    • Analyze How Good Listening Enhances Assertive Communication
    • Define Five Levels of Listening Techniques
    • Practice Effective Listening Techniques
    Assertiveness and Effective Management
    • Identify Seven Types of Situational Power
    • Define Steps in Giving Instructions Assertively
    • Examine Problems in Delegation
    • Define Assertive Delegation Techniques
    • Practice Giving Negative Feedback
    • Review Assertive Techniques
    Personal Assertiveness Action Plan
    • Develop an Action Plan for the Implementation of Assertive Goals
    • Define the Steps in the Process of Change
    • Prepare to Deal with Others' Reactions to New Behavior after the Course
    • Review Six Steps to Assertiveness

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