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Tools And Techniques For Thinking And Managing Strategically
Seminar No: 02530 -XNBB
CEU Credits: 1.8
Length: 3 days

Now that you’ve learned the planning, take this companion course and learn how to apply specific tools and techniques within the process to deepen your firm’s capability to create strategy.

Are you responsible for developing strategy in your organization? Do you need to jump-start your planning process? Is your firm leading the change in your industry? Or following and falling behind?

This seminar introduces additional depth of knowledge and specific "how tos" to the individual who is charged with leading, facilitating or participating in strategy formation.

Those who are tasked with creating strategy in their firm or business unit. Executives who want to expand their basic skills in organizing information into strategic knowledge. Executives who want to expand their skills and understanding of how strategic patterns are identified and impacted. Past attendees of AMA’s Strategic Planning.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Look beyond the seven-factor environmental analysis to determine what truly has an impact on your strategy
  • Understand the impact of your industry on your business and the effect of industry maturity on your strategy
  • Analyze the core processes for efficiency
  • Establish core competencies within your organization

What You Will Cover:

  • Which tools and techniques can be applied at different stages of the planning process
  • How to create a purposeful organizational vision
  • Methods to generate a strategic landscape within your industry and firm
  • How to recognize your company’s landscape and successfully anticipate potential change
  • Learning patterns of strategy and applying them to your industry and firm
  • Approaches to track and drive strategic growth within your company
  • How to harness the intuitive power of your management team for strategic success
  • Learning the key steps of implementing strategy and managing for emergent opportunities

Extended/Detailed Seminar Outline

Learning Objectives

  • Look beyond the Seven-Factor Environmental Analysis to Determine What Truly Impacts Your Strategy
  • Understand the Impact of Your Industry on Your Business and the Effect of Industry Maturity on Your Strategy
  • Develop Insight into Your Organization’s Culture, Managerial Style, and Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Analyze the Core Processes for Efficiency
  • Establish Core Competencies within Your Organization
  • Define Core Strategies and Then Align External and Internal Strategies for Maximum Impact
  • Examine the Emerging Views of Current Planning and Thinking and How They Relate to Your Organization
Seven-Factor Analysis
  • Identify Specific Trends within Each of the Seven Factors That Help or Hurt Your Organization and Define Results/Responses to These Trends
  • Understand the Kinds of Questions to Ask and Potential Sources of Information That Will Answer Your Questions
  • Cull down the List of Trends to the Most Important Ones for Your Organization-The Possible Results/Responses Will Become Preliminary Assumptions on Which You Will Base Your Plan or Apply More Sophisticated Analytical Techniques for Better Understanding
Industry-Force Analysis
  • Ask the Questions That Must Be Answered in Order to Understand the Industry in Which Your Firm Operates
  • Explain How the Five Industry Forces Influence a Firm’s Potential Profitability
  • Suggest Appropriate Responses to a Particular Industry Configuration
  • Apply This Analysis to Your Industry
  • Define the Types of Situations Where Scenario Building and Simulation Development Can Be Most Useful
  • Identify the Key Variables That Are Likely to Drive an Organization in the Future
  • Work through the Organizational Implications of Various Scenarios
Organization Diagnostics
  • Determine When Diagnostic Instruments Are Appropriate
  • Decide Which Organizational and Strategic Dimensions Should Be Included in a Diagnostic
  • Explain What Kinds of Results Can Be Expected from a Diagnostic
Key Business Analyses
  • Identify What Parts of an Organization Might Lend Themselves to an Analysis
  • Determine What Kind of Analysis Is Possible Based on the Reporting System in Use
  • Understand the Timing of the Analysis and How It Relates to the Planning Process
Process Improvement
  • Describe the Important Elements of Business Processes
  • Describe the Characteristics of a Good Process
  • Identify Your Organization’s Core Processes
  • Define and Document the Various Processes and Activities That Flow from the Core Processes across the Organization
  • Explain How to Identify and Qualify Customer Requirements
  • Outline the Differences between Continuous Improvement, Process Redesign, and Reengineering
I/P Matrix
  • Read an I/P Matrix and Understand Its Strategic Implications
  • Specify the Questions That Need to Be Asked If Market Research Is Conducted
  • Construct an I/P Matrix
Competitive Positioning
  • Define What Competitive Positioning Is
  • Use Competitive Advantages to Build a Position
  • Determine Which Elements within Executional Strategies Create and Deliver Positioning
Portfolio Analysis
  • Explain When a GE/McKinsey or a BCG Growth-Share Matrix Is Used
  • Use a GE/McKinsey or a BCG Growth-Share Matrix to Determine the Relative Health of a Firm’s Products/Services in Current and Future Markets
  • Suggest Strategic Responses Which Might Be Made to Given Positions on the Matrix
Core Competencies
  • Differentiate between Core Competencies and Competitive Advantages
  • Identify an Organization’s Core Competencies
  • Explain the Relationship between Core Competencies and Strategy Development

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