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Seminar No: 08111 -XNBB
CEU Credits: 1.2
Length: 2 days

Make sure you have an affirmative action plan that meets the latest government requirements, without duly interfering in your organization’s activities.

Whether you’re a novice writing a new plan from scratch--or a veteran who wants to tighten up an existing plan to make sure it meets current requirements--this workshop gives you all the know-how and much more.

Directors of human resources, personnel managers and specialists, affirmative action coordinators and directors and managers of administration.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Create up-to-date Affirmative Action Plan to meet government requirements
  • Gather all the data of your workforce to create an approved plan
  • Know how to conduct the necessary analyses to gain full compliance
  • Develop the best processes to assure that the required systems are in place
  • Identify and implement activities to comply with affirmative action obligations
  • Know how to prepare and survive compensation and compliance audits
  • Recognize the practical steps to avoid liability

What You Will Cover:

  • The Equal Opportunity Survey (EO survey)
  • Comprehensive cover of the latest regulatory changes and their impact
  • What to include and retain and how to obtain the necessary data
  • Discussion of the statistical analyses including other re-emphasized regulations
  • OFCCP's typical approach to compensation analysis and how to prepare your own
  • Checklist of the required postings, notices and outreach activities
  • Steps taken during the compliance review--what you should prepare prior to the audits

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Extended/Detailed Seminar Outline

Learning Objectives

  • Create a Complete Affirmative Action Plan in Simple, Down-to-Earth Language
  • Stay on Top of Current Federal, State, and Local Regulations and Requirements-So That You Become Your Organization’s Expert in the Field
  • Discover How to Gather the Information You Need to Create an Approved Plan
  • Effectively Staff the Program and Assign Responsibilities, So That the Total Burden Doesn't Rest on Your Shoulders
  • Successfully Implement the Plan and Keep Track of Its Progress
  • Master all the Formats, Forms, and Theories Used in Preparing an Affirmative Action Program
Background on Affirmative Action
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Focus of the Workshop
  • Executive Order 11246 as Amended by 11375
Executive Order 11246 Prohibits Discrimination on the Basis of...
  • Enforcement Agency for Executive Order 11246
OFCCP Directives
  • Revised Order #4
Who Is Required to Have an AAP per Revised Order #4?
  • Affirmative Action Plans for Separate Facilities
Five-Part Test
  • Executive Order 11141
  • Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • Vietnam Rehabilitation Act of 1974
  • The Current Environment
    • Upward Mobility
    • Office of Federal Contract Compliance
    • Department of Justice
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Recent Court Cases
    • Wygant v. Jackson Board of Education
    • Local 28, Sheet Metal Workers v. EEOC
    • Local 93, Firefighters v. City of Cleveland
    • U.S. v. Paradise
    • Johnson v. Transportation Agency, Santa Clara County
Sample Affirmative Action Plan
  • Introductory Sections of an Affirmative Action Plan
    • Confidentiality Statement
    • Heading Page
    • Data Sheet
    • Introductory Statement
    • Disclaimer
    • Policy Statement
    • Dissemination of Policy
    • Internal
    • External
    • Sample Letters
    • Responsibility of Assignment
    • President and Chief Executive Officer
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator
    • Department Heads and Supervisors
Availability Computations
  • Availability and Workplace Utilization Analysis
    • Work Force Analysis by Job Title (VERTICAL Analysis)
    • Work Force Analysis by Job Group (HORIZONTAL Analysis)
    • Career Ladder Progression
    • Reflect Realistic/Actual Path of Promotion
  • Availability Computations
    • Unmasking Deceptive Job Groups
    • Size of Job Group
    • Availability Computation Form
    • Personnel Activity Analysis Goals/Actuals
  • Eight-Factor Analysis (Availability Computation Form)
    • Two Primary Considerations
    • What Is the Appropriate Labor Pool?
    • Where Can the Labor Pool Be Found?
  • Sample Availability Computation Exercise

  • (Take Out a Blank Availability Computation Form)
  • References:
    • State of California EDD Data-Los Angeles County
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Summary Data
    • Minority Factor #1-#8
    • Female Factor #1-#8
  • Assigning Weights to the Minority and Female Factors
    • Coming up with the Actual Weighted Factors
  • Personnel Activity Analysis Goals/Actual
  • (Take Out a Blank Personnel Activity Analysis Goals/Actual Form)
    • Job Group Population at the Start of AAP Year
    • Percentage Representation at the Start of AAP Year
    • Availability Rates
    • Identification of Underutilization
    • Forecasted Placements
    • Placement Rate Goals
    • Job Group Population Goals
    • Percentage Representation Goals
    • Ultimate Goals
    • Annual Placement Rate Goals
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Summary Data
    • Table 2. Occupational Employment in Private Industry by Race/Ethnic Group/Sex and by State and Industry, 1980
ABC Manufacturing-Case Study
  • ABC Manufacturing Company Exercise

(Take Out a Blank Availability Computation Form)
  • References:
    • State of California EDD Data-Orange County
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Summary Data
    • ABC Manufacturing-Assumptions
    • Minority Factor #1-#8
    • Female Factor #1-# 8
  • Assigning Weights to the Minority and Female Factors
  • Coming up with the Actual Weighted Factors
Ending Sections of an Affirmative Action Plan
  • Ending Sections of an Affirmative Action Plan
    • Identification of Problem Areas
    • Work Force Composition
    • Composition of Applicant Flow
    • Total Selection Process
    • Transfer and Promotion Process
    • Recreation and Social Events
    • Seniority Practices
    • Apprenticeship and Training Programs
    • Technical Phases of Compliance
    • Work Force Attitude
  • Internal Audit and Reporting System
  • Standard Affirmative Action Format
  • 503A Rehabilitation Act Requirements and Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Act
  • Pre-Award Reviews
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Desk Audit
  • On-Site Review
  • Opening Conference
  • Information Often Requested
  • Employee Interviews
  • Off-Site Analysis
  • Conciliation of Deficiencies
  • Judging Compliance Status
  • Plans Acceptability
  • Good Faith Effort to Meet Goals
  • Further Proceedings
  • Consequences of Noncompliance
  • Annual Plan Review
  • Sample Administration Forms and Letters
  • Sample: Vietnam Veterans and the HandicappedBottom of Form 0

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