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The companies listed below are looking for trainers and/or consultants to sell their training services. Click on the company name for more information about the company and their affiliate program.

CompanyCompany/Program Description
Resources Unlimited Edward de Bono seminars (Six Hats, Lateral Thinking, and DATT); valuable for problem-solving, meeting facilitation, team building, and innovation. Onsite or public seminars. Train-the-trainer certification available in 18 countries.
ADVANCED SYSTEMS Independent contractors and facilitators can sell our proven tools & expand their revenues. Additional benefits include customization, marketing support, train the trainer. Tools are outstanding for 1 on 1 coaching. Call Leanne, 219-759-5601 or email
Dream Chasers, Ltd Dream Chasers, Ltd is looking for professionals that would like to become distributors for the "Achieve Your Dreams" goal program and workshop. Please call 1-877-385-6461. Website:

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