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The companies listed below are looking for trainers and/or consultants to distribute/sell their CD-ROM and/or video products. Click on the company name for more information about the company and their distributor/affiliate program.

CompanyCompany/Program Description
QMR ProductsJoin the successful individuals and companies that sell our popular line of over 32 HR and management development titles. QMR distributors are independent sales agents. Contact QMR - The Respectful Workplace Company, for details.
Williams LIfeSkills, Inc.Join our sales team! Sell our Managing Stress & Anger video. Contact us at 919-286-4566 or
TTNTTN has been developing on-line learning tools since 1996. We are seeking distributors in several markets. For more information about adding TTN to your current product offerings contact Kent Walker at 1-800-279-1577, or visit our

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