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About HurleyTech Comm

Consultant Profile

Pam Hurley, PhD., and CEO of Hurley TechComm, Inc., earned her doctorate in Technical Communication at the University of South Carolina. Since 1995, Pam has developed and taught writing and public speaking courses; she has worked as a technical writing and editing consultant since 1988. In addition to training writers in industry, Pam has created and is currently teaching an online writing course for Duke University's graduate program in Clinical Research Management. From 1992 through 1999, Pam lectured at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, teaching technical, business, and science writing. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, Pam has also published in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication and in Paideuma.

Member Of American Society for Training and Development, The Society for Technical Communication, American Medical Writers Association, Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

Technical Writing & Editing
Technical writing and editing services are also available. Our professional staff has experience in medical writing, proposal writing, writing online documentation and user manuals, and in editing various technical documents.

Comments From Satisfied Customers

Pam Hurley conducted a Writing Seminar for my company that greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of my writing. She is a walking grammar book. Her knowledge and training techniques are applaudible!
      --Personnel Asst., North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission

I have been attending the cycle of training classes being taught by Pam Hurley. I have been very impressed by her knowledge, presentation, and teaching ability. I believe the courses are very useful to people who are interacting with clients, producing documents that may be audited, or using writing skills in their interactions wit members of the company. I have attended several writing courses over the past two years. The courses being taught presently by Pam Hurley far exceed anything I have attended. Pam has also made herself available outside of the classroom. She readily responds to requests from people who have attended her class. She has become a valuable resource for myself and others.
      --Project manager

Pam Hurley's classes help me "think outside the box."
      --Clinical research associate

Pam Hurley is an extremely effective speaker who made business writing interesting. Wish we had more time with her.
      --Employee from a major university

I feel that everyone would benefit from this type of program at least annually for a good review.
      --New Hanover County employee

As a former Litigation Paralegal handling personal injury cases and now as a Clinical Research Assistant for one of the top CROs in the U.S., written communication has been an essential part of my career. The time saving skills I developed from taking Dr. Hurley's business and technical writing courses have added proficiency in all areas of communication. Now, I'm not only able to compete in this face paced corporate market, but I have excelled!
      --Clinical research associate

Since I took your writing series, I have been able to condense my documentation. Prior to your series, I was usually too long-winded in my emails, letter, memos, etc. I now keep brevity in mind when composing my documentation, utilizing bullets, numbers, etc. more often. Hopefully, my readers appreciate my efforts!
      --Research assistant

Pam Hurley's classes enabled me to focus on the message from the recipient's point of view. As a Research Coordination Manager, this change improved my personal efficiency and contributed to shortening job timelines.
      --Research coordination manager

In the position of Quality Review Auditor, an essential aspect of my work is to edit analysis plans, protocol sections, and data. The goal of my work is ensure that our department produces documents that are grammatically perfect, understandable, concise, accurate, adhere to our SOPs and follow the approved templates for data presentation and analysis.
I enrolled in Pam's class because of my desire to improve the quality of my work by upgrading my knowledge base regarding writing. From the very beginning, I was intrigued by Pam's style and passion for her subject. Pam is a no-nonsense kind of person, and straight shooting. Her manner conveys "Are you up to the challenge? If not, I'm here to get you to that point!"
Pam's personal drive to write well inspired me to want to do the same. Pam provided anecdotes of her own experiences that were amusing, practical and relevant to the subject of writing. I appreciated how Pam widened the perspective of writing to encompass an ongoing critical view of communication in all areas of life, from marketing tools to road signs, from magazine and newspaper articles to billboard and television advertisements.
Pam did not teach rules. She taught the overall principles of good writing. This is the best way to learn, because there are exceptions to every rule. She provided handouts that were full of good information and that served as incentives for us to practice the techniques learned in the class.
Pam also made herself available by providing her office number and email address. She encouraged us to contact her with any questions, so we not only had a teacher, but a writing consultant as well.
Pam reinforced a methodology that I use in every review I do, of reading a document as objectively as possible, with the reader in mind. I have no doubt that attending Pam's classes has contributed to improving the quality of my work.
      --Quality Assurance Auditor

I participated in several of Dr. Hurley's classes. Dr. Hurley tailored the classes and the learning materials to specifically fit the types of writing done [at our company]. I learned to drop unnecessary automated prose, focus on the point of the writing, and thereby, communicate clearly and succinctly. The skills I learned in Dr. Hurley's classes serve me well on a daily basis; I now communicate in writing more clearly and with the tools I learned in class, I spend less time doing so. I also spend less considerably less time with follow-up discussions since my intent has generally been fully communicated in the original written communication. Dr. Hurley is an accomplished teacher, and she makes learning fun!
      --An epidemiologist

Client Listing

Former and current clients include:

Duke University
Applied Analytical Industries
Louisiana Pacific
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
New Hanover County
NC Wildlife

6812 Hardscrable Court
Wilmington, NC 28409
phone: 910.233.7670 or 919.749.4446 (Raleigh)
fax: 910.792.9914

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