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Improve Your Effectiveness With Video!

"Leadership and the Customer Revolution"

"...some of the fastest 30 minutes you'll sit through this year. In addition to... humorous anecdotes, there are testimonials by an assortment of executives and employees of well known customer-driven companies."

--The Top 50 Business Videos - Successful Meetings Magazine

"Revolutionary Leadership: Liberating the Human Spirit" (25 minutes) - $595 "Revolutionary Service: Building Loyalty One Customer at a Time" (29 minutes) - $595

Special Offer... Both videos along with the hard bound copy of the book (a $24.95 value) Only $995!

"Frontline Service"

See the complete Frontline Service seminar. This set of five tapes offer over 100 minutes of compelling stories, humors anecdotes, key concepts, and engaging graphics. These tapes are the perfect tool to enhance the delivery of this best selling service improvement program. They can be used as a video train-the-trainer, a self-paced independent learning tool, a library resource, or to selectively use sections to add impact to your presentations. Each 20 minute video is created to stand alone and therefore, offers outstanding flexibility:

Why Service and What Is It? - A core module enlightening people to the value of service to their business success.

Service Is Inside Out - This module outlines the importance of cooperation and focus on the customer within an organization and its relation to overall customer satisfaction.

Create Uniqueness - This module discusses the importance of continuously striving to become better, faster, and different.

Pay Attention: The Customer's Perception Counts - This module demonstrates the importance of seeing things from the customer's point of view.

Recovery: Handling Complaints - This module shows creative ways of turning problem situations into opportunities for creating a positive service reputation.

Each tape can be purchased individually for $195 or buy all five videos for only $895!

You can have it all! Get all 7 videos and the book for only $1,695!!!

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