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Strategic and Creative Technical Recruitment and Retention

  • how to recruit more qualified candidates for technical positions at lower recruitment costs and in a more timely manner.
  • a proven psychologically-based method of strengthening the interaction between recruiter and candidate.
  • a variety of creative recruitment and marketing techniques so candidates wants to work for your organization.

Client Contact Management
Taking the client to lunch, playing golf, or using the latest client contact software won't build and strengthen better business relationships. To outshine your competition you need to learn how to become your clients' "value-added" knowledge expert: how to better sell your organization, your ideas, and yourself. Your goal is to get the client to say, "Yes."
Learn: to apply the psychology of relationship strategies and apply the behavioral characteristics for success in business today; communicate everything in terms of the client as today's client wants action not excuses; and creative and unique ways to make the client feel important, cared for, valuable, and comfortable doing (more) business with you.

The Marketing Audit
Few organizations know how to conduct a "Marketing Audit" nor know whom to call. A marketing audit reveals many areas in which an organization can increase its revenues, expand its activities, identify the specific areas where marketing activities should be focused while offering more value to and creating warm and positive feelings among its customers.
The results of a marketing audit reengineer business and marketing practices and identify new profit centers, golden opportunities, and challenges to make the cash register ring and put smiles on the faces of customers.

Five Skills Critical to Your Own Survival and Your Organization's Excellence: Communication, People Skills, Project Management, Marketing and Common Sense
Today's employee must be a "multitracker" to survive: a multidimensional, multitalented person possessing the skills critical for your organization's success:
Communication skills: get your point across, persuade, produce positive results, deal with criticism, and motivate others.
People skills: work well with others at all levels...even the "difficult" ones - assert yourself and earn recognition for your achievements and convert conflict to harmony.
Project management: get your projects done on time (or even sooner) and within budget (or even under).
Marketing: impact your own "bottom line" and market yourself to success.
Common sense: think smart and behave smart, standout, command respect, convert problems into solutions, master office politics, and be viewed as wise and creative.

Precision Management: Working Smarter, Not Harder
Are you overwhelmed with multiple projects, missed deadlines, more and more unproductive meetings, people vying for your time, fires to put out, and piles of reading?
Learn FOUR Priority Management Systems and discover which systems work best for you to strengthen your planning, problem solving and organizational skills. Learn to master your priorities and meet deadlines to complete your top 3 priorities each day and avoid management by crisis. Identify and improve those management skills that can advance your career and make you look good to your boss and more valuable to your organization.

Managers' Boot Camp: Coaching Skills for the Leadership Advantage
Today's manager has to be a leader to increase employee productivity and motivation. Learn to "grow" better employees; come across as a dynamic and competent manager who can produce results, make things happen; "catch employees being good;" better manage and discipline the "problem" employee; turn around performance and attitude problems; get an immediate "buy-in" or commitment from your employees to be a contributing member of your team; become a better listener; to avoid communication breakdowns; and turn average employees into better ones and your better employees into SUPERSTARS.

How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal…Painlessly
The evaluation of your employees' performance can be an agonizing, difficult, or stressful ordeal; that is, if you let it. Learn to make it a positive, motivating experience that increases employee productivity and produces positive results. You'll get your performance appraisals done on time, painlessly correct any performance problems; and as a developmental tool, more effectively measure results of employee performance against the goals and standards the two of you set together.

Everyone's a Trainer: How to Train, Present & Communicate with Confidence, Enthusiasm, & Authority
Training - which also includes one's presentation and communication skills - is a professional and personal asset. Research shows that the Number 1 Fear of most people is getting up in front of a group of people to give a speech, make a presentation, or provide training. You may not formally call yourself a "trainer," but think how often you directly or indirectly provide some form of training to your staff, coworkers, management, and customers. This seminar takes a practical, common sense approach and combines all three of these skills so you'll come across as a confident and polished subject matter expert.

Sales and Marketing Boot Camp: How to BETTER Sell Your Products, Your Services, Your Ideas and Yourself
Learn to develop new business by selling more profitably through Relationship Selling. Today everyone has to be a salesperson - not just your sales and marketing department.. Everyone in your organization can uncover customer problems, new profit centers, and referrals. Learn results-oriented yet practical techniques that apply the psychological principles of sales, marketing, and common sense (that all-important skill which many of us never receive formal training and often forget to apply with our customers).
Salesmanship is a skill (not a talent) that CAN be learned. Even your company's sales and marketing pros – who often say, "I've heard it all" – will fine-tune their skill and even learn something new!

The 14-Day Guide to Success and Peak Performance
Been in a personal rut lately? Career have a bad case of the "blahs?" Career and paycheck not advancing as fast as it should? Learn: to make a stronger and more powerful impact on others; fine tune your self-esteem and confidence levels; make every day to be an "up" day; be viewed as more of a risk-taker; and challenge yourself to become more personally successful and professionally valuable to your organization. This is "the" hands-on motivational course for you and your staff to learn practical step-by-step techniques and strategies to give you the edge to become more productive and confident immediately.

The Competitive Edge: How to Get Ahead in Life, Your Career, and Your Job
Now that you've been downsized, capsized, reengineered, TQM'd, customer focused, empowered, politically corrected, team built, time managed, and 360 degreed, only you can take charge of your life, your career, and your job. Learn common sense behaviors and how sound and prudent, but often unsophisticated judgements, can have a positive effect on your own personal "bottom line". You'll strengthen your common sense skills in the areas of people skills, communication skills, management and leadership skills, and performance improvement.

How to Eliminate, Reduce (or at least cope with) Frustration in the Workplace
According to an American Management Association study, the five situations that produce the most frustration in the workplace and arise most frequently are:

  1. More tasks and responsibilities than time to do them.
  2. People taking up more time with correspondence and meetings.
  3. Dealing with incompetence in others.
  4. Poor communication from upper management.
  5. Inadequate acknowledgment of personal efforts.
If these workplace pressures sound familiar, you and your staff need to learn how to de-frustrate your working environment.

Conflict Resolution: Converting That Negative "Stuff" into the POSITIVE
Experienced any negative "stuff" lately: conflict, burnout, negativity, attitude problems, difficult people/situations, complaints, stress/pressure, criticism, rigidity, office politics, anger, chaos/crises, put-downs, defensiveness, hostility. manipulation, excuses, incompetence, fear, rejection?
Learn how to resolve conflict and convert all that negative "stuff" in your professional and personal lives into these POSITIVES: collaboration, cooperation, optimism, results, negotiation, control, productivity, motivation, consensus, flexibility, solutions, enthusiasm, creativity, vision, calmness, "can do" attitude, success, compromise, increased self-esteem, creativity, leadership, quality, harmony.

How to Criticize and Discipline through Positive Management for Managers & Supervisors
Having to criticize or discipline an employee's performance is a task you dread. Failure to do so properly will often "snowball" and have a negative impact on your whole staff's attitude, morale, motivation, and productivity. Your failure to establish clear behavior and performance standards will, in turn, affect your own personal success as a manager thus making you look bad to your own boss and your staff.
All managers have to deal with problem employees and problem behaviors. Afraid of being viewed as too harsh, too lenient, or unfair? Learn how to do it right. The outcome: you will be the one in total control and be viewed as a positive and fair manager.

Customer Obsession: Total Quality Customer Care
The customer is the single most important ingredient to success in business. A customer wants to deal with a business that is responsive, caring, knowledgeable and flexible. Meet these criteria and business increases! How does Customer Obsession differ from customer service? By:

  • Thinking "customer" whenever you make a decision or establish a policy.
  • Serving the customer better then he/she ever expected – perception exceeds expectation.
  • Creating a perception of value received - making the customer feel good about doing business with you.
  • Making your business one big customer service department that expands your business, cross sells and secures new business
  • Treating your customers as if your were going to see them every working day for the rest of your life - at the end of each visit the customer would then decide to buy something from you or one of your competitors.

Powerful People Skills
Although technically competent, your job satisfaction and climb up the career ladder forces you to solve more people problems than technical ones. You have to communicate more and more with non-technicals, stand out as a leader, function as a corporate organizational entrepreneur (a person who takes action instead of waiting to be told what to do), and attack those tasks and problems of which you're fearful, head-on.
If you think the company pays your salary; if you view yourself as a "boss;" if you view your department somewhere on the pyramid with the CEO at the top; and if you use the same management techniques you always have, then you're in for a rude awakening as your organization travels along the technical superhighway. Learn to reengineer and reinvent yourself and your people!

Creative Problem Solving for Highly Successful People
In a changing workplace of downsizing, rightsizing, capsizing, fear, uncertainty, and doubt, today's successful professional has to be more creative than ever to stand out, succeed, or even survive. Learn to break through that barrier of rigid thinking using a hands-on approach!
The goal of this course is to teach participants new skills to:

  • create and implement practical and innovative ideas that produce results
  • conceive and improve problem-solving strategies in the workplace
  • tap into their own creative potential
  • increase self confidence and personal success
  • generate new ideas
  • become more a valuable employee by applying risk-taking skills
  • figure out new and unconventional ways to do your job better

Trade Show Training
Ever watch your own people stand around and let potential business stroll on by? Few companies actually train its staff before sending them to staff a booth at a trade show. Learn what: to say and do to get people to stop and step inside your booth; 3 questions to immediately ask; to do to acquire the information you want to know; and is needed to achieve your trade show objectives. This is a custom designed program using your organization's actual booth and staff.


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