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Process Consulting & Training

Welcome to our home page!

MISSION: To help organizations improve their operations and results by assessing and improving their business and technical processes.

WHO: We are a network of independent consultants, trainers, and executives with lifetimes of experience identifying, customizing and implementing the METHODS highly successful companies and managers use.

WHAT: Unlike many firms, we address BOTH "technical" and "people" issues. We serve a variety of clients, including manufacturing, service, military, and health care organizations.

We help our clients implement office and plant-level initiatives that MEASURABLY IMPROVE quality and productivity. Clients have implemented improvements worth thousands of dollars while working with us.

WHY: Customers need on-time delivery of quality products and services in required quantities at competitive prices. People need to work with technology, supplier inputs and each other as effectively as possible to meet these demands.

When organizations focus on the WAY they do these things...

HOW: We guarantee client satisfaction as we customize consulting and training services to achieve specific, measurable, client-defined objectives in the following areas:

Better Business Writing
Customer Relations
Decisions and Recommendations
High Performing People
Leadership Development
Management and Supervision for Professionals
Managerial Problem Solving
Managing Change Effectively
Planning for Results
Positive Assertiveness
Priorities, Assignments, and Delegation
Process Improvement and Management
Production Process Evaluation
Professional Telephone Skills
Stress Management
Successful Negotiating for Professionals
Systematic Troubleshooting Techniques
Team building
Time Management

WHERE: We come to you, working in your environment for effective implementation.

For more information, please contact:

Process Consulting & Training
1 (800) 841-6643  ·

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