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The Training Registry is a directory of trainers, consulting services & consultants, training seminars & workshops, computer classrooms and keynote speakers. Find hundreds of trainers & consultants and training topics, and thousands of training seminars & workshops covering all delivery media, including instructor led, online courses, computer based training, videos, and more. Human resource management professionals, trainers and other training & development professionals will find our site worth bookmarking. Browse the training courses section for some of the more popular training topics. We have a variety of trainers and consultants for such topics as human resource management training and other types of leadership & management training. You will find many couputer courses like Microsoft Access & MCSE. We also list human resource management and career related consultants, trainers and training resources such as coaching and mentoring, sales training and sales coaching, diversity training, business communication and employee performance evaluation & other career development seminars. Or, check out the business & industry resources such as facilities management, HAZMAT and OSHA safety training, ISO 9000, a variety of online training. Browse our list of trainers or consulting services section for a list of consultants on these and other topics.


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Database Applications
Human Resources
Internet Training Products
Multimedia Authoring
Performance Management
Presentation/Meeting Tools
Project Management
Quality Mgmt.
Sales & Marketing
Testing/Test Generation
Training & Training Mgmt.

Database Applications

  1. FasTrak Accounts Payable - Core Software
  2. FasTrak Accounts Receivable - Core Software
  3. FasTrak Contact Manager - Core Software
  4. FasTrak Customer Info - Core Software
  5. FasTrak Extended Payments - Core Software
  6. FasTrak General Ledger - Core Software
  7. FasTrak Inventory - Core Software
  8. FasTrak PO - Core Software
  9. FasTrak Sales Invoicing - Core Software
  10. FasTrak Service Contracts - Core Software
  11. FasTrak Service Dispatching - Core Software
  12. FasTrak Service Management - Core Software
  13. FasTrak Vendor Info - Core Software
  14. Oracle Software - SIDERIS Consulting Group
  1. Solomon IV For Windows - IDEAL Software
Human Resources
  1. Technical Assessment Software and Kit (TASK) - pioneers the field of IT recruiting. A prescreen technical assessment software of IT candidates designed for recruiters by recruiters.
Internet/Intranet Training Products
  1. 3d Choreographer is an animation program designed for non-artists. You can use the animations (AVIs) in PowerPoint presentations, CD-Rom applications, corporate training, educational software, or on the Internet. Each version of the program comes with a library of actors with built-in commands to make them move. All 3d Choreographer actors are completely royalty-free.
  2. IntraMark - Wordmark.Com, Inc. - An online, web-based training product designed to provide comprehensive just-in-time education for all members of your department, division, or enterprise, including users, authors, web developers, webmasters, administrators, and managers.
  3. KAS Builder - IBT Technologies: IBT's authoring and assessment software is a sophisticated, template-based development tool for asynchronous Web-based training.
  4. Rapid Deployment System (RDS) - IBT Technologies: IBT's Rapid Deployment System is the easiest, most comprehensive approach to delivering media-rich course content over the Internet. RDS packages are all-inclusive and include course authoring, assessment, management, tracking and hosting.
  5. Trainersoft - The original easy-to-use authoring tool for the production of interactive training and testing. Distribute cross-platform and cross-browser html based training with no plug-ins as well as executables for network or cd-rom delivery.
Multimedia Authoring Tools
  1. 3d Choreographer is an animation program designed for non-artists. You can use the animations (AVIs) in PowerPoint presentations, CD-Rom applications, corporate training, educational software, or on the Internet. Each version of the program comes with a library of actors with built-in commands to make them move. All 3d Choreographer actors are completely royalty-free.
  2. Designers Edge and Designers Edge Pro - Ask International
  3. Digital Trainer Professional®: - The Trainers' Warehouse
  4. Digitial Trainer Professional® - MicroMedium Inc. - Create your own interactive multimedia based training and testing to distribute on CD ROM, floppy disks, networks, intranets, and the internet.
  5. Gameshow PAL - Ask International
  6. Gameshow Pro - Ask International
  7. IconAuthor 7.0 for Windows - Ask International
  8. Quest Net + - Ask International
  9. Quiz Factory - Ask International
  10. ToolBook II Librarian - Ask International
  11. Trainer's Edge - Ask International
  12. Trainersoft - The original easy-to-use authoring tool for the production of interactive training and testing. Distribute cross-platform and cross-browser html based training with no plug-ins as well as executables for network or cd-rom delivery.
Performance Management
  1. 20/20 Insight Gold (360 feedback system) - The Eagle Alliance
  2. 20/20 Insight - Raleigh Consulting Group - A user-friendly, quality software package for 360° feedback
  3. 360 feedback Internet assessments - FeedbackPlus - Conduct assessments and organizational surveys via the Internet (paper processing also available).
  4. The Interactive Feedback Network(tm) (IFN) and IFNWEB(tm) module - Conduct customized 360° assessments and organizational surveys via your Intranet/Network/Extranet. Applications include performance management, career development, leadership development, training needs, customer satisfaction, employee opinions.
  5. Managing For Success (based on DISC) - The Eagle Alliance
  6. Personal Profile System® for Windows® - The Eagle Alliance
  7. Personal Profile System® for Windows® - Switzer Resource Group
  8. Personal Profile System® for Windows® - Training Solutions
Presentation & Meeting Tools
  1. 3d Choreographer is an animation program designed for non-artists. You can use the animations (AVIs) in PowerPoint presentations, CD-Rom applications, corporate training, educational software, or on the Internet. Each version of the program comes with a library of actors with built-in commands to make them move. All 3d Choreographer actors are completely royalty-free.
  2. Comedy Writer®: The Trainers' Warehouse
  3. Power Presentations: Presentation development tool - Brody Communications Ltd.
  4. Problem Solver - The Trainers' Warehouse
  5. True Type Fonts: GDT Symbols - A perfect tool for placing GDT symbols in reports, drawings, tables, and PowerPoint or Freelance presentations. Allows users to insert GDT symbols directly into a document running within Windows - Dimensional Engineering Services
Project Management
  1. CC-TimeTracker (Freeware) - Cogent Computing Corporation - Create automated project time sheets
  2. CC-Track - Cogent Computing Corporation - Task management, history logs, status reports
  3. Project Implementor® - Project Mentors - Project Mentors' add-in software for Microsoft ProjectTM. If your organization is using Microsoft ProjectTM to support and serve the project management discipline, Project Implementor® increases the effectiveness of today's best selling project management tool by adding features that simplify its use shortens the learning curve of using Microsoft Project streamlines project planning and execution provides a standard project work flow throughout the organization.
  4. The Budget Director - Cogent Computing Corporation - Contract, grant, project accounting
  5. Tools & Techniques Computer Based Training - Project Mentors - is the perfect tool to support the learning and practice of new skills acquired in Project Mentors flagship course, Tools & Techniques. Project managers have access to information, skills building exercises, templates, and examples-- at their fingertips, accessible when they need them.
Quality Management
  1. DOE/TARGET - Technicomp - This program helps the industrial experimenter initiate and analyze DOE projects. It aids in setting up a design matrix, compiling data for the experiment, and interpreting results through graphical analysis, ANOVA and multiple regression analysis.
  2. DOE Wisdom - Technicomp - It supports screening, inner and outer arrays of robust design, and response surface modeling.
  3. FMEA/Edge - Technicomp - This Windows-based software allows you to easily create, edit and print Fleas and control plans that are consistent with AGAIN guidelines.
  4. MEASA - Technicomp - This software supports measurement systems analysis efforts. It provides valuable support for bias studies, variable gage short and long studies, and capability analyses.
  5. QFD/CAPTURE - Technicomp - This program provides data management, computation, analysis and reporting capabilities to teams using Quality Function Deployment and other advanced planning techniques.
  6. QUALITEK-4 - Technicomp - QUALITEK-4 greatly simplifies Taguchi design and analysis of experiments. Automatic design capability allows layout of complex experiments in minutes.
  7. QUEST - Technicomp - This menu-driven program is designed for users of Taguchi methodology. It allows factor assignment to columns and selection of orthogonal arrays.
  8. WizdomWorks - Wizdom Systems - WizdomWorks!® is a seamless suite of business process management tools for creating, analyzing, and editing, process flows and data models. Users are able to model and analyze business processes from the standpoint of cost, sequential flow, lead time and quality relationships. Analysis is made easy as the user builds "What-If" scenarios to judge implementation options. The WizdomWorks!® suite of Business Process Management solutions is comprised of Document Manager™, ProcessWorks!™, and DataWorks!™ software.
  1. PeopleWorks - Training Solutions - A comprehensive CD-ROM collection of state and federal regulatory and compliance information that comes with optional advisory modules to help you put situations in perspective.
Sales & Marketing
  1. Homing Pigeon: an "opt-in" email list with a twist - Advanced Marketing Instruction (AMI)
Testing/Test Generation
  1. C-Quest db - Cogent Computing Corporation - C-Quest Test Authoring and Administration Software is an easy-to-use, yet flexible, tool for creating computerized assessment tests, exams, quizzes or surveys. C-Quest db is the foundation program where question databases are constructed Create new tests in minutes. Options include random generation, graphics with questions, and much more.
  2. C-Quest - Cogent Computing Corporation - Distance Testing. Send tests via diskette or email. The student returns the results file to the instructor for inclusion into the response database. Publisher version available for book or test publishers to package and sell their own tests.
  3. C-Quest Test - Cogent Computing Corporation - Using tests created with C-Quest db, administer testing, training, evaluation, surveying, screening at the computer. Response and test data is stored and immediately available for reporting, statistics, or export for use in other software.
  4. IMG WebTest™ - Information Management Group (IMG) - A Web-based skills-assessment testing utility, designed for students to take, and nstructors to create and track, online tests of various kinds. It is a flexible online testing engine that can be used to test skills, validate learning objectives, or even conduct surveys for any content matter.
  5. KATTS® - TPC Training Systems - Knowledge Assessment Testing & Tracking Software. It allows you to deliver, score, track and report results for all TPC Pre- and Post-Tests via a PC. KATTS® contains in excess of 1,500 Pre-Test questions and 6,500 Post-Test questions.
  6. Quiz Factory - LearningWare - A powerful and easy-to-use test design program, which lets users quickly create an unlimited number of tests or surveys on any subject. Deliver your tests and surveys to trainees in your company or nationwide via E-mail or on diskette. The program includes a results reader which lets instructors track results and measure learning.
Training & Training Management
  1. 360 feedback Internet assessments - FeedbackPlus - Conduct needs analysis, participant satisfaction surveys (level 1) and change in behavior assessments (level 3) in-house on your Intranet/Network/Extranet.
  2. ACE™ (Advanced Curriculum Environment) - IBT Technologies: ACE is a server side application that tracks the progress and status of active students on a particular virtual campus or Knowledge Gateway site.
  3. Conductor - Sage - The ideal training management software for any size business. This innovative program delivers training and information across your network, and allows employees to register for classes and take CBT / WBT from their workstations. It catalogs all of your training, licenses, certifications, etc. Plus it organizes training into course templates that describe a sequence of training that can be assigned to individuals or groups of students. Conductor provides many reports, including those that support JCAHO, HCFA, OSHA, and ISO requirements. Single PC version starts at only $895.00. A free 30-day trial version is available now. Download a Demo Now.
  4. Curriculum Manager - MicroMedium Inc. - Curriculum Manger empowers trainers and HR Professionals to develop curriculum of multimedia CBT and other types of training as well as track training use and the performance of employees
  5. EZ Tracker - The Trainers' Warehouse
  6. Gameshow P.A.L. - LearningWare - A Jeopardy®-style gameshow for self-directed learning, Gameshow P.A.L. lets users input any content to quickly create an unlimited number of games. Up to three students can play against each other with audio prompts "emceeing" the game.
  7. Gameshow Pro2 - LearningWare - A facilitator-led classroom software tool designed to enhance learning by creating a fun, risk-free learning environment. If you are familiar with Jeopardy®, Family Feud® and Tic Tac Toe you'll immediately know Gameshow Pro2. Quickly and easily create an unlimited number of games which can be used as an "ice-breaker" to promote camaraderie, to end a session with a high-energy review of material, to prepare students for exams/assessments, and more.
  8. IMG WebSyllabus™ - Information Management Group (IMG) - The student's and instructor's primary interface with online classes. It's presented as a Web browser-based grid, personalized to each participant, that serves as class roadmap and control panel for all class activities.
  9. IMG WebRegistrar™ - Information Management Group (IMG) - Used for registration, class enrollment and student record keeping. The database engine is SQL Server, so it's easy to integrate with existing administration or registration systems. Online billing can be provided as an option, with the electronic commerce system of your choice.
  10. Registrar - Registrar is an easy to use, flexible, powerful, and full-featured program, built to manage the entire corporate training and development function. From registration to reporting, Registrar is designed to automate the routine administrative tasks associated with processing registrations, scheduling courses and instructors, communicating with trainees and keeping employee training records up-to-date. Registrar provides unparalleled control over your routine tasks and makes new levels of reporting and analysis possible. Registrar's unique flexible design lets you customize your system to track what you need to track.
  11. Self Service Training (SST) - by Gyrus Systems - A revolutionary product option that works with Training Wizard 97 to open up your training management system for self service use by students and designated managers. SST allows training managers to offload some of the administrative burdens of the job, while allowing students to assume greater responsibility for their own career development.

    SST allows students and managers to view training histories and course catalog, enroll or waitlist in classes and much more right from their desktops using an intranet or the Internet. User security and access rights retained by the training administrator(s).

    To request a free 30-day trial copy of Training Wizard and SST, call 888 GO GYRUS or visit our website at

  12. Training Wizard 97™ - Gyrus Systems - The proven training tool you’ve been looking for. This all-in-one training management software program automates the repetitive tasks of administering your training – registering students, scheduling classes, budgeting costs and generating reports through four levels of organization.

    Training Wizard 97 also tracks student progress in computer-based and web-based training, provides DecisionMakers for dozens of management level reports "on-the-fly," and sends confirmations and reminders via email to students and their managers.

    To receive a free trial copy of Training Wizard 97 call 888 GO GYRUS or visit our website at

  13. WizdomLink™ Web-Based Knowledge Management System - AlignMark
  1. Download Free Utilities - Cogent Computing Corporation
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