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Reed Harp, PhD
applied philosophy

consulting, training, speaking engagements
    (and, not without a sense of harmonics)

      position papers
          crisis management
              policy and ethics
                  practical philosophic issues

. . . making sense, being clear, in that continuing "search for the good life"

Seminar Topics
problem solving
critical thinking
creative thinking
building trust
writing skills
speaking skill
values development
motivation studies
cultural diversity
media relations
evaluation methods
stress management
sexual harassment
workplace violence
conflict resolution
managing change
time management
homeland security

Like tuning a sensitive instrument, balancing a powerful crankshaft, listening for critical dynamics, patterns, like finding resonance, reading the geometry of relationships moving toward a “ring of truth” . . . .

Reed Harp, indeed, brings a sense of harmonics to problem solving, and to that awkwardness in coping with uncertainty—and with good-natured, excellent communications skills, and a strong background of integrity in scholarship and leadership rare in the making of such a veteran consultant.

. . . a reasonable fee, plus expenses, Reed Harp meets with individuals, smaller groups, as a private consultant, for seminars, or as a speaker for larger groups . . .

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