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Business Law and Management

Business Ethics (BLM01)

It is essential that employees understand the organization's goals for integrity. Often standards of conduct are not communicated until a lapse in ethics occurs. Take proactive steps to assure that the integrity of your organization is not challenged. This easily adaptable module allows you to insert references to your code of ethics, policies, procedures and legal requirements so employees understand how their conduct impacts your organization. Also includes a discussion of:

  • Standards of conduct
  • Ethics on and off the Job
  • Doing the right thing when confronted by a moral dilemma
  • Your responsibility as a representative of the company
Diversity: Understanding and Valuing Our Differences (BLM02)

The workplace pulls together people from diverse backgrounds, education, and cultures. Make certain that your organization values the differences in people with this training module. The module addresses an awareness and definition of diversity, as well as an appreciation for our differences. Also included:

  • Broad definition of Diversity
  • Need for open communications
  • Avoiding preconceptions and prejudices
Working Together: Improving Relationships Between Union and Non-Union Employees (BLM03)

Union and non-union members often have the same objectives, but sometimes conflict arises. This module helps participants learn:

  • How to work together to solve the organization's problems
  • Background on legal rights of union members
  • Gaining support from union and non-union members
Employment Law Basics For Managers (BLM04)

Managers and supervisors are directly responsible for the communications of many employee policies, but are rarely given any background information on the laws governing the workplace. This module provides insight on the various federal laws that impact management, including:

  • Discrimination laws
  • Wage and Hour Regulations
  • Family leave
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Workplace Safety Regulations
  • Hiring, performance management and firing restrictions
Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment (BLM05)

Sexual harassment creates problems for everyone involved. The best solution is to take proactive steps to eliminate sexual harassment. Training and communication are essential components of a sexual harassment prevention program. This module covers:

  • Legal definition of sexual harassment
  • Liability issues
  • How to report a complaint of sexual harassment
  • Case Studies: Problem Solving Scenarios

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