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Communication Skills

Communication (COM01)

Overcoming the barriers to effective communication can result in saved time and effort. Employees get more done faster when the lines of communication are open. This module includes:

  • Reading verbal and non-verbal clues
  • Improving telephone, written and face-to-face communications
Effective Listening for Improved Communication with Clients and Co-workers (CMS01)

This module provides information on:

    Impact of communication breakdowns
  • Active listening: take notes, restatement, questioning
  • Reading verbal and nonverbal clues
  • Avoiding preconceptions and prejudice
Strategies for Interpersonal Relationships: Understanding and Adapting to Different Personality Styles (CMS02)

Teams often fall apart because of miscommunication, misunderstanding and misinterpretation of information. But if employees understand the personality profile of another person, they are better equipped to respond to that person in ways that are more meaningful. This module focuses on:

  • The classical theories of organizational scientists
  • Stress points, needs, motivations and attributes of each style
  • Analyze yourself, co-workers, partners and other individuals
  • Better understand the intricacies of human behavior

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