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Customer Service

Telephone Skills: Conveying Your Professionalism Over the Phone (CSV01)

Most of our communication with customers is done over the phone. It is difficult to convey your professionalism and credibility without the proper training. This module helps participants develop their telephone skills to enhance the exchange of information. The module reveals:

  • Techniques for selling over the phone
  • Communicating via voice mail and taking information over the phone
  • Clarity, pace and pitch: Important Factors
A Positive Attitude: Your Best Asset (CSV02)

A winning attitude goes a long way with clients and co-workers. It can be argued that some people naturally have a positive attitude, and others must learn it. This module provides participants with an intrinsic sense of pride for themselves, their team and the organization which lends itself to a positive outlook. The discussion includes:

  • Exercises that foster positive attitudes
  • Ways to display your positive attitude to co-workers and clients
Conveying Your Knowledge of Product Features and Benefits (CSV03)

Providing superior customer service requires knowledge of your product and the ability to distinguish it from your competition. This module discusses the importance of knowledge, including:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Operational Knowledge
  • Service Knowledge
  • Sales Knowledge
Identifying Customer Expectations: The First Step to Serving Your Customers (CSV04)

Discover what your customers really want and meet their expectations with the utmost confidence. The purpose of this module is to help participants understand the effect that expectations have on perceived quality, performance, and self-esteem. Participants will be able to discuss the various expectations that others have and the challenge of meeting those expectations, as well as tools and techniques to meet expectations more effectively. The following areas are covered in the module:

  • Defining Customers
  • Defining Customers' Expectations
  • Discovering Expectations
  • Building Lasting Relationships
Your Role in Delivering Excellent Service (CSV05)

Supporting customers occurs both internally and externally of the organization. Understanding one's own behavior and the effect it has on others can help to identify and practice dealing with conflict and problems that may arise. The module addresses the following service skills essential to providing high quality service to "customers".

  • Attitude
  • Appearance
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge
  • Communication

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