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Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

On-the-Job Training: The Most Valuable Teacher is You (IPE01)

Technical aspects of the job are best taught with one-on-one training. This module provides instruction on how to teach co-workers processes and systems. The module shows:

  • How to convey information for all styles of learners (visual, audial, kinesthetic)
  • How adults learn
  • How to summarize key points and conduct effective training sessions
Unleashing the Power of Employee Efficiency (IPE02)

Some employees have better concepts of effective time usage and run on different speeds. Efficiency is a skill that can be learned. In this module, participants learn to:

  • Recognize opportunities to streamline functions
  • Consolidate tasks for maximum efficiency
  • Create more effective procedures
Understanding Profitability: Managing Like an Entrepreneur (IPE03)

Today's business managers need to exploit creativity and innovation and think like entrepreneurs in the confines of an established business. This module helps participants understand:

  • How to run their departments or work units like small businesses
  • Making financial and strategic decisions as if they owned the business.
  • Becoming an effective, financially astute business manager
Tools for Building Employee Skills

Managers need hands-on training tools. Managers will learn how to coach, train, provide feedback and train employees with the tools contained in this module. This module will help managers to:

  • Recognize learning opportunities for your staff
  • Learn to use forms, checklists and quick reminders on the spot
  • Promote interaction and staff development on a just-in-time basis.
Self-Development Plans (SDP01)

Today's employees cannot expect lifetime employment. To be a viable team member, employees need to continually upgrade and fine-tune their skills to respond to the challenges in the competitive environment. This module teaches:

  • How to accept responsibility for self-development
  • Action plan for obtaining skills

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