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Management Tools and Techniques

Accepting a Management Role (YMR01)

Making the transition into a management or supervisory position requires new behaviors, confidence and new skills. Often employees are expected to make the transition with out essential skills./ This module provides insight on:

  • Distinguishing between management and leadership
  • Identifying leadership attributes of successful managers
  • Assessing time management effectiveness
Do it Now! And Other Time Management Techniques (MTT01)

Everyone can stand some help in utilizing time more effectively. This course provides the techniques for minimizing wasted time and maximizing ROE -- return on effort. Participants learn:

  • How to analyze time usage
  • How to schedule, prioritize and set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plans
  • Suggestions for handling interruptions
  • Streamlining paperwork
Project Management: From Idea to Implementation (MTT02)

Even the best project managers can benefit from this module on effective project management. People can generally be put into two categories: those that are process oriented (operations, systems and accounting people) and project oriented (the big picture type). But project management means getting tasks done, requiring both sets of skills. This module reinforces:

  • Systematic tracking techniques that keep projects running smoothly
  • Managing a project from idea to implementation
  • Using Gannt charts, flow charts and other analytical tools
Meeting Management: Decisive, Involving Meetings in 30 Minutes or Less (MTT03)

Meetings in most organizations are time wasters, especially if an ineffective meeting facilitator is in charge. This module gives practical advice for productive meetings, for those that attend, and facilitate meetings. Participants learn:

  • The best reasons to hold a meeting
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Planning the meeting and setting the agenda
  • Handling questions, negative reactions, and distractions
Presentation Skills: Techniques for Skillful Presentations (MTT04)

Fear is the common reaction when asked to make a presentation or make a speech in front of colleagues or other groups. The experience should be positive and an effective way of persuading the audience and garnering support for your cause. This module includes:

  • Practice in making professional presentations
  • Getting over fears and apprehensions
  • Techniques that professional speakers use
  • Tips on using audio/visual aids, flip charts and overheads

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