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Performance Management

Roles and Responsibilities: Each Team Member is a Critical Component in Achieving Goals (PFM01)

Teams function smoothly when roles and responsibilities are clearly delineated. Team members need to understand what is expected of them and how much authority they have to carry out a task. This module discusses:

  • Ways to clarify roles using job descriptions and organization charts
  • How to delegate effectively to team members
Standards & Objectives: Setting Verifiable Objectives with Employees (PFM02)

To gain commitment for achieving organizational goals, employees need to understand what is expected of them in a way that is meaningful to them on both a team and individual level. In this module, participants are given:

  • Management tools of bench marking and best practices
  • Skills in creating verifiable, meaningful objectives
  • Recalibrating standards and objectives for changing times
Monitoring Performance and Providing Feedback to Employees (PFM03)

Tracking performance requires collecting data and measuring results. Some employees become frustrated when measured by sheer numbers. This module assures that all employees understand the key results to be measured and how they will be held accountable for results. The discussion provides:

  • Practice on providing feedback
  • Skills in instructing and motivating staff
  • Techniques for offering constructive, candid feedback
Coaching for Improved Performance (PFM04)

Developing employee skills requires an honest look at employee behavior and an ability to convey criticism in a useful manner. Coaching is often not done because managers assume that employees have knowledge and skills to do the job. This module gives participants:

  • Useful methods of observing behavior
  • Communicating frankly with employees
  • Conducting feedback and coaching sessions
Reinforce, Recognize and Reward Employee Contributions to the Team (PFM05)

Everyone wants to be appreciated for their contribution to the team, but cheer leading may not come naturally to managers. Understanding employee motivators and reinforcing positive behavior are keys to maintaining high morale and commitment from employees. This module provides insight into:

  • Effective ways to reinforce, recognize and reward employee performance
  • Extrinsic and intrinsic awards
  • Determining what motivates individuals
  • Innovative and practical means of recognizing employees

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