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People Management

Conflict Resolution (CFR01)

This module provides insight into your natural style of dealing with conflict, and provides measures for meeting conflict head-on. Text contains information on:

  • Proactive problem solving
  • Effective techniques for dealing with conflict
Recruit a High Performance Team (PLM01)

All too often employees are told to interview a candidate without any background or knowledge on procedures to follow, questions to ask, or an understanding of the legal implications of their conduct. This module reveals:

  • How to establish hiring criteria
  • How to screen applicants
  • Legal and illegal questions
  • How to determine the best fit
  • How to turn down unsuccessful candidates
Orient New Team Members: Starting Off on the Right Foot (PLM02)

It is essential that new employees be given the attention and understanding they need to succeed on the job. Effective orientation can facilitate the employee's first weeks on the job and help to become an effective team member more quickly. This module helps participants:

  • Develop orientation goals
  • Set forth an action plan and timeline
  • Use a checklist to assure continuous feedback and coaching Train & Provide a Career Path: Charting the Course for Employee Development (PLM03)

    Employee development involves establishing a plan for giving employees essential skills and knowledge. And, to maintain motivated employees, it is essential that they see a natural progression for their career. This module provides participants with insight into:

  • The value of employee development programs
  • How to set up mentoring, counseling and coaching sessions
  • Providing the employee with career guidance Plan and Appraise Performance: Tips and Tools for Effective Appraisals (PLM04)

    Performance appraisals don't need to be painful for all concerned. When done well, performance appraisals provide employees, team members and management with constructive comments on how to work better together. This module includes a discussion on:

  • 360 degree appraisals
  • Ongoing coaching and counseling
  • Legal implications of performance appraisals Motivate and Compensate: Linking Pay to Performance (PLM05) Employees are more motivated when their pay is linked to performance. This is not always feasible in organizations, but many innovative means exist to incent and reward employees in an effective manner. This module covers how to:
  • Apply the classical theories of motivation in a practical way
  • Determine what motivates different personality styles
  • Apply motivational theories to different team members

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