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Team Development

Encourage Innovation: Your Brightest Ideas At Work (TD01)

How do organizations create an innovative environment? By fostering creative thinking and recognizing and rewarding innovation. This module helps teams to take the leap into a more innovative mode of operation. Discussion includes:

  • Thinking outside the nine dots
  • Right/left side of the brain
  • Sources of innovation
  • Creative problem solving
Empowerment: Giving and Receiving Responsibility for Getting the Job Done (TD02)

With today's unstructured organizations, giving responsibility and accepting it are challenges. But with the right skills, employees can become active participants in taking on responsibility, not just waiting on the side line for directions. This modules teaches:

  • Accepting and giving power
  • Managing up
  • Individual decision making
  • Taking initiative and responsibility for the job
Encourage Improvement: Striving for the Best (TD03)

Organizations interested in establishing a program of continuous quality improvement will benefit from the material in this module. This module teaches participants to look for ways to improve processes and systems in their daily work. The module includes:

  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Problem analysis tools
  • Seeking out continuous quality improvement
Creative Problem Solving with the Four-Step Process (TD04)

Employees are often the best problem solvers -- they know the situations and see first hand the results of the problem. Involving them in the problem solving process and keeping them aware of how they impact the team can be a refreshing source of bright ideas. The four-step process includes:

  • Identify the problem and the opportunity gaps
  • Analyze the problem using data analysis and collaborative tools
  • Generate and evaluate ideas and make a decision
  • Decide on an Action Plan: Names, Dates, Details
Team Work: Getting & Staying on Track (TD05)

Effective team work means getting everyone on the same track. But unclear goals, undefined roles, interpersonal issues and other obstacles can impair a team's abilities. This module helps build an understanding of the team development process:

  • How to get beyond the early development stages of team development
  • How unclear roles, goals and procedures impact effectiveness
  • Overcoming negativity, interpersonal issues and hidden agendas

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