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Behavioral Based Safety Management

CSHC believes that safety management must be based on the behavior of employees and the organizational culture they function in. Line supervision and employee's must be provided the skills to identify unsafe behavior and conditions.

Most organization's safety strategy has been entrenched in "safety by compliance" rather than "prevention by planning." Today's predominant safety strategy is reluctant compliance. This translates to after-the-fact hazard detection which does not identify organizational errors which are often times the cause of accidents.

Safety and quality is a natural bond. Safety management is just starting to adopt new techniques that include systems theory, statistical analysis, behavioral sciences and the continuous improvement concept. Two elements are crucial to TQM philosophy, a good organizational safety culture and employee involvement.

Current safety management theory is questioning whether traditional safety programs work. Elements of these programs tend to conflict with both management and behavioral research. Today it is recognized that the safety system must be built into an organization's management structure. Recent studies indicate that good organizational safety performance is rooted in areas such as employee morale, perceptions and management style rather than traditional safety activities.

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