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Safety & Health Regulatory Training

Regulations require that all employees be provided a work place free of occupational safety and health hazards. When such hazards cannot be totally eliminated employees must be provided protection and/or trained to perform the work safely.

All of our training programs are guaranteed to comply with the appropriate regulation!!

CSHC training modules can be tailored specifically to the organization for whom we are providing the program. We often utilize slides of the work environment, sample accident and injury reports and real life situations.

Our programs are multimedia. In addition to work place slides, we utilize overhead transparencies and incorporate current and relevant video presentations.

CSHC strongly believes that the only way people retain what they have learned is through active participation. We do not lecture. We ensure that all participants become involved in all phases of the program. This includes questions and answers, small group exercises, models and displays, samples of equipment, mock situations, role playing, etc..

A comprehensive training manual will be developed and provided to each participant. This is done so that each attendee will be able to follow the entire program. CSHC will attempt to have the manual specific to your operations, incorporate relevant information and contain material that can be brought back and utilized at the work place.

The course will be provided by a qualified instructor and will offer your personnel an excellent understanding of the specific safety and health hazards found at your work site. In addition, the program is prepared by experienced Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) and reviewed by Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH).

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