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Process Consulting & Training

Course Descriptions

Better Business Writing: Principles of composition, organization, wording, tone, punctuation, and persuasive writing. Emphasizes the interesting and fun aspects of writing in a business setting.

Customer Relations: Understanding and exceeding customer expectations; establishing agreements that work; enhancing communications with customers; managing difficult situations; building long-term loyalty.

Decisions and Recommendations: A systematic process to help individuals, teams and managers to make confident decisions that turn out right; to persuasively prepare and present recommendations that address the organization's true needs; and to help managers confidently approve or disapprove of proposals and recommendations without arguments.

High Performing People: Systematically organizing the crucial people performance factors; finding and eliminating obstacles to high performance; communicating expectations and goals so they are understood clearly and accurately; supporting improved performance; sorting out and resolving "attitude" and "morale" problems.

Leadership Development: Creating a vision; inspiring and empowering others; linking organizational goals to individual goals; taking a strategic view; using intuition; achieving a mission through others.

Managerial Problem Solving: A systematic approach to solving the problems managers encounter. Includes how to identify and characterize problems and how to formulate and implement solutions that work.

Management and Supervision for Professionals: Communications skills; performance coaching; goal-setting; managing time efficiently; interviewing for winners; giving and receiving feedback; motivating others; rewarding good performance; improving results through win/win; building an effective team; creating a vision.

Managing Change Effectively: Seeing change as opportunity; staying effective; moving from resistance to commitment; choosing actions that drive desired results; focusing on individual and team achievement.

Planning for Results: A systematic planning and implementation process that turns the possibility of failure into the probability of success by planning tasks and projects effectively; preventing disruptions by dealing with problems before they happen; preparing sound contingency plans; and using cause-effect thinking to get results beyond original expectations.

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