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Process Consulting & Training

Course Descriptions

Positive Assertiveness: Positive Assertiveness: Distinctions between assertive, aggressive, and nonassertive behavior; developing positive assertiveness; reprogramming for success; identifying spheres of influence; creating win/win solutions.

Priorities, Assignments, and Delegation: A consistent process for managing complex situations throughout an organization, including identifying and prioritizing critical issues; determining appropriate approaches; putting the right people to work on the right things; determining when to DO, when to ASSIGN, and when to DELEGATE; determining the best level of delegation; and determining whether compliance or commitment is needed, and developing the commitment needed.

Process Improvement and Management: When and why to improve business processes; determining which processes to improve; establishing measurements; designing/redesigning for improved results; support systems; implementing improvements and support systems; managing for desired results.

Production Process Evaluation: When and why to evaluate production processes, using appropriate measurements, tracking and reporting systems, assessing results, following up.

Professional Telephone Skills: Projecting a positive image, preparing for the call, listening and speaking skills, words and phrases to avoid, dealing with challenging callers, accomplishing objectives while building rapport.

Stress Management: Sources of stress, spheres of influence, type A and B lifestyles, balancing courage and consideration, self-esteem enhancers, techniques for enhancing effectiveness in stressful situations.

Successful Negotiating for Professionals: Preparing to negotiate, team negotiations, gaining from concessions, handling unethical tactics, reducing emotional barriers, effective statements and proposals, common negotiating mistakes and ways to avoid them, closing negotiations, building commitment.

Systematic Troubleshooting Techniques: A systematic problem solving process to recognize impending failures before they happen; capitalize on employees' expertise; get crucial information from customers; efficiently find primary and root causes; avoid "wrong" fixes; and avoid future failures.

Team building: Being a strong team player, type A and type B lifestyles, managing individual and team time, clarifying what's expected, making commitments, characteristics of successful teams, goals and actions.

Time Management: Self-management, gaining control of time and life, time wasters and ways to eliminate them, techniques for making time valuable, goals, priorities, and actions to drive them.

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