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Seminars and Workshops

The Right Way To Manage© Workshop
Revised to include 30-40% of time in "learning workshops" so that people get maximum power out of the concepts and successfully focus their efforts on the "vital few" activities that are important for the organization.

Led by world-class expert Bill Conway and his team of experienced senior executives, this dynamic workshop provides an intensive grounding in continuous improvement.

Updated and continuously improved to reflect today's challenges, the workshop emphasizes participative "hands-on" activities, case studies, group discussions and break-out workshops. Every exercise and activity is designed to give you practical information you can put to work on a day-to-day basis.

Plus, the workshop's flexible format offers you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Conway Senior Associate to address situations specific to your organization.

1997 Public Workshop Dates:
January 27-29 - Atlanta, GA August 4-6 - Nashua, NH
March 3-5 - Boston, MA September 8-10 - Toronto, Canada
April 14-16 - Dallas, TX October 6-8 - Portsmouth, NH
May 13-15 - Williamsburg, VA November 3-5 - TBD, California
June 17-19 - Philadelphia, PA December 8-10 - Nashua, NH

Bring The Right Way To Manage© Workshop home to your organization with a private seminar customized to focus on your particular needs.

Move Into Action Workshop
(two-day workshop)
70% of the time is dedicated to group activity.
This workshop helps organizations do four things:

Leading and Facilitating Teams Workshop
Designed to help anyone associated with team-based improvement efforts operationalize the concepts of The Right Way To Manage©. Our workshops go well beyond the basics to show everyone from senior leaders to work group members how to decide what to work on, quantify the benefits and make measurable improvements.

Sponsoring Improvement Teams
Customized workshops designed to help leaders at all levels effectively sponsor improvement efforts. Focuses on the role of the sponsor, how to ask the right questions and specific actions to help individuals and teams succeed.

Leadership 4 High Performance Teams (L4)
Designed for top/senior/middle managers to learn how to provide appropriate leadership in an environment of rapid improvement. Features assessment of your personal leadership style effectiveness from a variety of perspectives and specific strategies for improving it.

Achieving Results Through Teams Workshop
Whether you're coaching, leading or participating in a project team, this highly interactive workshop can move you to higher levels of success.

1997 Public Workshop Dates:
February 24-26 - Atlanta,GA August 18-20 - Philadelphia, PA
April 28-30 - Nashua, NH September 22-24 - Nashua, NH
June 2-4 - Dallas, TX October 20-22 - Williamsburg, VA
Accelerating Results Workshop
This workshop focuses on new tools and strategies to help teams address issues they encounter. This advanced workshop can provide the breakthrough your team needs to experience real progress. Offered onsite only.

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