Porter Henry & Company Off-the-Shelf Programs

Advanced Sales Strategies

Strategic Business Development

A one-and-a-half- to two-day workshop designed to help move salespeople from tactical sales calls to long-term strategic selling.

Enhances the salesforce's ability to identify opportunities, set long-range goals, develop strategies, and execute action plans for major accounts.

Salespeople learn how to:
  • Analyze major accounts to identify strategic opportunities
  • Establish sales, strategic, and "value" goals for accounts
  • Implement an alignment strategy to strategically position themselves as a preferred vendor, business consultant, or partner/ally
  • Allocate resources according to account potential
  • Access vertical and horizontal decision-makers and influencers
  • Interface with top-level executives
  • Employ sub-strategies such as negotiating, team selling, consultative selling, and more
  • Design a master plan for each major account
Participants receive a workbook/reference guide as well as a Strategic ToolBox of diagnostic and planning tools to help them systematically identify opportunities and plan and execute account strategies.

Value-Added Negotiating

A highly interactive and practical workshop that helps salespeople negotiate customer demands for better service, delivery, products, pricing, and other issues while meeting their own objectives. One-and-one-half and two-day versions.

Critical skills include:

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