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Workshops in Writing

A Sales Writing Workshop
Customized to the Client.

    Learn what experts know about writing with impact. Create sales letters and proposals that put you in a class by yourself.

Grammar and Proofreading
Three hours.

    Rules and practice for punctuation, hyphenation, typing numbers, capitalization, and vital grammar. Also--how to get the most from your dictionary, fast. All in a format that's fun!

Better Letters & Memos
Three hours.

    How to write more effective business letters and memos. We concentrate on clarity and speed. Participants bring copies of a memo or letter, and we improve their own work on the spot.

Writing Clearly
Three hours.

    Four steps for turning wordy sentences into clear ones. Strengthens reading skills too!

Writing That Flows
Three hours.

    How to write sentences so that they "stay on track" and never waste words. A new approach, in two steps, that uses a startling discovery about how we read.

Information Reporting
Three hours.

    How to write reports that convey the facts for a sound decision. Includes an interactive lesson, a video, and a lively discussion of participants' own work.

Advanced Writing
Two days, or 9 sessions.

    Ideal for career-advancing adults! Teaches all the tricks from the rough draft to the winning document... for memos, letters, reports, proposals, dissertations, and presentations.

Writing for an "A"

    Back in school, adults seek tips for fast planning, researching, and writing of papers. Here they are!

Writing for the Web

    How to gather, sift, and deploy both words and graphics on today's electronic screens.

Publishing in the Health Professions
One day.

    A workshop that develops your idea and explains how to publish in a professional journal. Leave with an outline, a query letter, and new confidence. New in 1999: access journal editors online, and talk with an actual statistical consultant!

APA Style
Three hours.

    How to write and format a paper that follows the style of the American Psychological Association (APA fourth edition, 1993). We cover punctuation, sentence style, page layout, citations, and references.

Advanced Power Point

    You can use templates and wizards. But you want a distinctive and precise presentation, not just glitz and the same displays as everyone else's. Learn information design--both principles and practice tips. Create winning presentations.
Taking Minutes
    For anyone who must record official or unofficial minutes. Learn Robert's rules on minutes, and practical tips and tricks from veterans. Practice your new skills right in the workshop.

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