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Business Communications Seminar
Provides the participant with the communication skills to better represent your company at client meetings, corporate events, or within the community. Focus is given to communication styles and topics relevant to technical, finance and legal executives or community based organizations.

Corporate Protocol Seminar
Assist individuals better compete in a global economy. Emphasis is given to introductions, working a room, eye contact, communication styles, business cards, handshaking customs, women in the international marketplace and dining etiquette. This program is based on The Protocol School of Washington, of which Ms. Fritschner is a certified instructor.

Executive/Investor Briefing Consulting
Executive Briefings are a standard sales strategy in most major technology companies to meet with your prospects to shorten the sales cycles, increase sales or obtain investment capital. Processes are created to effectively manage the internal resources, and speakers, create appropriate agendas, demonstrate appropriate protocol and achieve your goals. Beverly Fritschner, a trainer for the Association of Briefing Program Managers assists companies create and enhance customer/investor visits.

Selling Skills Seminars
Provides direct or channel sales representatives with the skills and expertise necessary to proactively sell your product or service while maintaining the desired profit margin. Focus is given to selling business solutions rather than features and benefits over cost. Seminar includes group discussions, role-plays and short lectures.

Employee Retention
BBF Associates has developed a process for companies to attract and retain employees who are successful and are involved with your company's success. The process includes management and employee focus groups and training to maximize the abilities of all employees, develop their potential and earn their loyalty.

reduce turnover and develop loyal employees

Client Retention
Through Tenacity Incorporated, The Clients For Life Retention Process provides the skills and techniques for companies to increase their profits by retaining their existing client base. The process includes a senior management session to define the right clients under the right terms to conduct business, third party client assessments, organizational commitment and training.

focus on selling new accounts not replacing lost clients


  • Account Development Planner
  • Employee Retention Toolkit
  • Habit Cards
  • International Protocol Charts
  • Personal Business Plan
  • Self Manager Development Program
  • Strategic Note Activity Pad

Your employees are the key to growing your company. The right product is not enough. Successful companies . . . .

  • attract and retain the right employees
  • sell to the right clients under the right terms
  • appropriately represent your company and product or service
  • make great and lasting impressions

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